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How We Work?

We work with strategic planning, for the fulfillment of ourmission, we disseminate and execute the innovative solutions of our 24 Strategic Plans,  through operational activities and dissemination campaigns. We are currently working on reaching the goals of Plan 1 The weather, to lay the foundations of a civilization capable of overcoming and solving the challenges of global warming and Natural Disaster Plans.

Acción Climática contra el Cambio Climát

What Are We Doing So You Can Use Our Strategies Against Global Warming?

We teach you to innovate

The NGO Arca Tierra has developed 7 Online Courses that guide how to develop the innovations of ourPlan 1 The Weatherand our seventh course guides how to use this knowledge for the benefit of different regions.


The project to produce online courses was made possible, thanks in part to a grant from the National Geographic Society's COVID-19 Educators Remote Learning Emergency Fund, awarded to our award-winning president and instructor, Patricia Rincón, for her excellent work as an instructor. and its innovative proposals.


Now we need your support to continue delivering these courses for free. Support us!

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La ONG Arca Tierra ha elaborado 6 Cursos Online que orientan cómo desarrollar las innovaciones de nuestro Plan 1 El Clima y nuestro séptimo curso orienta cómo utilizar este conocimiento para el beneficio de distintas regiones.


Este proyecto de educación es posible, en parte, gracias a una subvención del Fondo de Emergencia de Aprendizaje Remoto para Educadores COVID-19 de la National Geographic Society, que otorgó a nuestra galardonada presidenta e instructora Patricia Rincón, por su excelente labor como instructora de la ONG, a través de sus innovadores cursos y materiales didácticos. Aún necesitamos de tu apoyo para continuar con nuestro trabajo. ¡Apóyanos!

Te invitamos a hacer nuestros cursos online gratuitos y a descargar gratis libros de texto y revistas digitales.



We invite you to take our free online courses and download textbooks and digital magazines for free.



We Guide You How to Develop and Use Innovations in your Region

The NGO Arca Tierra provides non-profit advisory services, through personalized training and consultancy we guide all sectors of society, companies, governmental and non-governmental institutions, neighborhood associations, unions... To develop and use our solutions innovative, adjusted to their local needs, through an evaluation and issuance of projects, adjusted to their needs.

We invite you to take our advisory services

non profit



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We Guide You How to Apply the Solutions in your Region

The NGO Arca Tierra from Plan 1 El Clima develops programs and projects to achieve the goal of a civilization capable of solving climate change, population growth and mitigation of natural disasters with quality of life through sustainable development. That is why it regularly publishes programs for the development of different regions according to their geographical conditions and we disseminate them so that they can be executed.

You can support these programs while you improve your quality of life in harmony with nature, from your home, company, democratic government, university institution, foundation or other citizen association.

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We invite you to learn about the programs and projects that you can execute with our help.


How Do We Spread our Solutions?

Social networks
Help us Spread Solutions!

We publicize our innovative proposals through social networks and interesting newsletters, so that you know what we are doing and what you can do to help solve global warming and improve your quality of life through sustainable development with equality opportunities to exercise human and environmental rights. 

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Activism for human and environmental rights, to make the changes the world needs NOW.

Act so that the world is freer and fairer, and so that humanity expands conserving natural resources with sustainable development. 

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Find out about our active campaigns and help spread them!

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