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¡Ayuda a Hacer Los Cambios que el Mundo Necesita, para Ser Libre, Justo y Sostenible!

Trabajamos para ti y el planeta con soluciones evaluadas y planificadas para tomar acción climática eficaz y activismo por los derechos humanos y ambientales, para solucionar el cambio climático, mitigar desastres naturales y la expansión de la humanidad con un desarrollo sostenible, en igualdad de oportunidades de ejercer derechos humanos y de consolidarlos con responsabilidad en democracias participativas.

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What will you support us?

Learn about the activities we are working on.

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Where are we headed?

See where the actions we take lead us.


How can you support us?

Help us and get active to save the planet from climate change

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What will you support us to do?

¿qué nos Apoyarás?

You will help us to continue working on achieving the goals of the  Plan 1 Climate ,  which, in short, consists of laying the foundations for a civilization capable of solving climate change, ensuring the expansion of humanity and the conservation of life on the planet, capable of predicting the climate and natural atmospheric disasters, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, to effectively mitigate its consequences, to evaluate and simulate situations to determine effective solutions to climate change. Programs and projects are derived from this plan to achieve this general goal.

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See our Plan 1 The Active Climate
Actions to Solve Global Warming


What are the Programs and Projects of Plan 1 El Clima in which we are working?

We invite you to see reports of our activities carried out from our creation in 2016 to the present.

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Where are we headed?

Hacia donde nos dirigimos

Solve Climate Change

Solve climate change by absorbing and reducing CO2 emissions, according to the " Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5ºC " of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), to solve climate change In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, we must absorb a trillion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, which is why we have programs and projects to achieve this, among which are:

CO2 Absorption and Reduction Program: we advise for the implementation of technologies through simple and complex projects to carry out these actions.


Sustainable Cities Project: they will absorb CO2, emit oxygen and generate renewable energy and lighting through their infrastructures and buildings, to reduce CO2 emissions in cities to zero.

Oceans Project:  installation of systems to absorb excess CO2 from the atmosphere and the oceans, as well as the cleaning of plastic continents, to be replaced by sustainable marine cities, CO2 absorption systems and renewable energy generators for marine activities and of the coasts.

Desarrollo Sostenible

Sustainable development

The expansion of humanity with sustainable development, we provide non-profit advisory services to solve the main problems of demographic growth and the reduction of environmental impact, such as: food, water, renewable energies, green transport, housing, urban planning, air quality, recycling, recovery and conservation of ecosystems. Ensuring the participation of citizens with gender equity and without discrimination, so that all human and environmental rights are exercised with equal opportunities, to achieve sustainable development with high standards of quality of life, without poverty and without hunger. We adjust our innovative proposals to the geography and socioeconomic and environmental conditions of the region to achieve this purpose, where democracy is essential for its viability.

All our programs and projects contemplate in their execution equal opportunities to exercise human and environmental rights without discrimination, integrating the most segregated minorities, especially women, youth, indigenous people, LGBTIQ+ people and those displaced by violence.  

The campaigns that we currently promote are:


Gender Equity Campaign: norms and legislation to guarantee women's access to human rights to education, work and measures so that women can obtain economic autonomy and protection of the law to avoid gender violence and femicides, to that your children can grow up healthy and happy, whether you are married or single.


Campaign for the Protection of 21st Century Democracies: We launched an education and advisory campaign to protect existing democracies, consolidate them and help nations transitioning to democracy. We launched a free digital magazine for this purpose.


Shelter Project : for those displaced by violence, by crimes against humanity that the UN has not yet sanctioned with due justice, and by climate change. Through the construction of our shelter models in our Globe City, where the refugees will be integrated into the administration and operation of the self-sustaining shelter in a democratic system, so that once they can return to their country of origin or integrate another nation are able to work and contribute to sustainable development.


Signature Collection Campaigns: we collect signatures to promote our management policies: Points System Law, to reform the UN, so that they apply justice to Crimes Against Humanity, effectively consolidate human and environmental rights without discrimination. Law for Air Quality, Law for the Transition towards Total Sustainability and the Law for the Protection of the Environment.


Equal rights

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Mitigate Natural Disasters

We have Plans for Natural Disasters , aimed at mitigating natural disasters, through technologies and natural resources, based on our 24 Strategic Plans , we prepare recommendations for the different risks of natural disasters and help with rapid reconstruction.


How can you support us?

Cómo puedes apoyarnos


We need your donation to continue our work.


Become a partner!

Donate a fixed amount each month to help us cover our fixed costs. 


Be Our Ally!

We need alliances with other Non-Governmental Organizations for mutual cooperation.

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Sponsor the opening of an office near you and have the

hand our innovative solutions.

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Support our activities as  volunteer for our environmental and human rights campaigns.

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