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Equal Rights

In all our activities we emphasize the importance of democracy for the viability of our24 Strategic Plans, which we consider the cornerstone of human rights without discrimination, with equal opportunities to exercise them. our active campaigns, Projectscourses and books they encourage participatory democracies, through the exercise of human rights as benefits and duties to fulfill for their continuous consolidation.


Given that currently women and LGBTIQ+ people (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Transvestites, Intersex and Queer) are the most discriminated human beings today, we emphasize advocating for their rights.

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Campaign for Gender Equality

Equidad de Género

Current Situation of Women's Rights

Women suffer from discrimination and femicides in all countries of the world, in some more than others, in democratic countries women's rights are more accessible. But one of the forms of modern slavery persists, housewives who work practically more than 10 hours a day, 7 days a week without receiving remuneration, therefore, women are more vulnerable to hunger, poverty and suffer the consequences of global warming.

We believe that for a woman to be able to break the chains of oppression, it must be facilitated, rather, the obligation must be fulfilled to guarantee her opportunities to exercise the human rights of education and job training, access to work with labor rights without discrimination gender and access to housing.

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Hunger and Poverty Eradication Project

In order to provide women with access to these fundamental rights, so that they can have economic autonomy, which would prevent them from having to endure abuse and violence for not having the resources to be independent, and thus avoid being murdered.


We have the Hunger and Poverty Eradication Project, to benefit women, with job training in sustainable economic activities, the self-generation of drinking water, electricity and food and the ability to sell surpluses, in home models or green urbanizations.

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Shelters for Women Victims of Violence and Human Trafficking

In the world, 1 in 3 women suffer from physical or sexual violence according to the WHO, it is therefore necessary to improve their care. For this we have the Sustainable Shelters Project, which can be adapted to provide shelter for women with their children, job training in sustainable economic activities and their reintegration into society with economic independence, either with their own businesses or employment in activities in which was trained. 

Shelter should also be given to women victims of human trafficking, most of the victims are adult women (49%), followed by girls, who represent 23%. Most of which are sexually exploited and become addicted to drugs to keep them as sex slaves, which is why the shelter model for these women and girls must include rehabilitation centers, for which we recommend centers NARCONON(R).

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What Must Nations Do to Achieve Gender Equity?

Denying equal rights to women in the laws is contributing to discrimination and gender violence, in the worst case to femicides, because it harasses women to be considered inferior to a human being, who does not deserve respect or rights humans, which opens the door to impunity for being abused.

So, for nations to stop being complicit in gender crimes, they must promote gender equality, consider and treat women as human beings, as soon as possible, with the current course of action it is predicted that it would take 135 years. We have a proposal to achieve it in less than a decade, the way to do it is explained in a statement.

Below are a series of explanatory videos of our proposal to achieve gender equality in this decade and not in hundreds of years, how it is predicted with the current course of action. 

Help us spread these videos!

(Click on the image to see them, they are available on our YouTube channel, in Spanish and English)

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 Campaigns for the Rights of LGBTIQ+ Persons 

Campaña Derechos LGBTIQ+

Democratic Values and Consolidation of Human and Environmental Rights without Discrimination

DDHH y Democracia


In order to encourage respect for love, in exhibitions, video arts, short films, environmental education congresses and in film and art festivals, we exhibit works where nature is represented by two women, to demonstrate the naturalness of love between people of the same gender. .

LGBTIQ+ are human beings discriminated against for loving and for being authentic, we consider them brave for assuming their identity and loving despite everything, loving and being authentic are not crimes, discrimination is.  Yes  you want to support our campaigns for equal rights for LGBTIQ+ people contact us:

We invite you to view the current exhibitions, available on our website.



Copia de Cascada Zoom Video Fondo Virtua

Without democracy there are no human or environmental rights for anyone, not for women, not for LGBTIQ+ people, not for any race, ethnicity or creed. The application of the law is not oriented towards justice, but rather towards the persecution of dissent, so that no person is safe from having their rights violated, nor are citizens outside the tiny circle of power who blindly follow the law. repression are safe, because the kidnapping of all human rights impacts on the reduction of their quality of life and freedom. Nor are the natural resources of the planet safe, even if the dictatorial countries are subscribed to the Paris Agreement, because no voice will be heard when protesting while they destroy, pollute and plunder natural reserves, only evaluate how the environment where it is destroyed and contaminated dictatorial regimes prevail, even if the denunciations are silenced.

For these reasons, we promote respect for democracy, so that human and environmental rights are continuously consolidated without discrimination and sustainable development is possible. We believe that to achieve this we need a points system that promotes the achievement of a free world with human rights. and continuously consolidated environmental rights, exercised with equal opportunities by citizens in their countries, where they will achieve better living standards through a sustainable economy and development.

Education for the Consolidation of Democracies and Human and Environmental Rights

In order to educate for the consolidation of democracies, human and environmental rights, the NGO Arca Tierra has produced different free educational materials, we invite you to read and disseminate them, so that  we make the evolution of democracy a reality. humanity towards better and better living standards with a sustainable development and economy.

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Take Effective Climate Action!

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Support our active campaigns, join the solution to global warming, create sustainable development and consolidate your rights.

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