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Biblioteca pública

We publish e-books, textbooks, magazines, comics, apps, presentations, TV series and brochures, para teach solutions for the achievement of our mission: solving climate change, mitigating natural disasters and the expansion of humanity with quality of life through sustainable development and equal rights.

We invite you to take a tour of our virtual library, you can download most of our teaching materials for free, but we would appreciate a donation, with which you can collaborate to support our work. 

El estudiar en la biblioteca
Biblioteca de varios pisos


Read and share the power of knowledge to empower yourself and be the hero the planet needs!


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Available in English and Spanish

Volume 1 Journals of Environmental Education and Human Rights Activism

By purchasing one of our magazines you will be helping us continue with our work.

Free Magazine to Pursue Justice and Protect Democracies
In English and Spanish

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How to Protect 21st Century Democracies

Volume 1 #2

Learn in a free and illustrated magazine, how to protect or recover your democracy and defeat extremisms that generate genocide and risk the peace and prosperity necessary to create sustainable development.

Free Climate Action Magazine Part of Online Course
In English and Spanish

Revista Cómo Tomar Acción Frente al Cambio Climático

How to Take Action Against Global Warming

Volume 1 #3

Discover in an illustrated way how to help solve global warming, with the innovative proposals of the NGO Arca Tierra, we will not only survive, we will be able to achieve high standards of quality of life.

Natural Disaster Mitigation Volume 2

By purchasing one of our magazines you will be helping us continue with our work.

Free Magazine
In English and Spanish

Copia de Revista Sonidos de la Tierra para Impresión y Descarga Digital (2).png

Sounds of the Earth for Geological Disaster Mitigation

Volume 2 #1

The magazine that will mark a milestone in the monitoring and prediction of geological disasters, with cutting-edge technologies and innovation. We will show you how catastrophes can be avoided through modern and innovative construction techniques and how to protect the magnetic field from climate change.

Mujeres en Ciencias

STEM Dissemination and Innovation Teams
Led by Women and Formed with Gender Equality

For the Dissemination or Development of the Innovations Proposed in the Sounds of the Earth Magazine