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Lanzamientos ONG Arca Tierra


Learn about our most recent launches of environmental education, advice and activism

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Upcoming Events

Calendar to help you be part of the solution to climate change.

Conferencias ONG Arca Tierra

As organizers and guests to discuss environmental and human rights issues.



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Get to know our most recent publications and articles on environmental education, advice and active campaigns

clasificados ONG Arca Tierra


We publish what we currently need to support our activities with alliances, activism or donations



We report our monthly activities in interesting newsletters.



Recent Releases

March Women's Month
It's Time for Gender Equality

Presentacion Equidad de Género.png

Discover How to Achieve It

Campaign to Create Action Heroes and not Fiction

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Bocetos e imágenes de Earth´s Heroes .png

Earth´s Heroes is a campaign to empower people with knowledge and action to save the planet from climate change, crimes against humanity and inequalities.

Participate because YOU can be the hero the planet needs!

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Sounds of the Earth Magazine is Now Available!
(Available in Spanish and English languages)

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The magazine that will mark a milestone in the monitoring and prediction of geological disasters, with cutting-edge technologies and innovation. We will show you how catastrophes can be avoided through modern and innovative construction techniques and how to protect the magnetic field from climate change.

We invite you to watch the launch of the magazine Sounds of the Earth, a video explaining general aspects of its content

Mujeres en Ciencias

STEM Dissemination and Innovation Teams
Led by Women and Formed with Gender Equality

For the Dissemination or Development of the Innovations Proposed in the Sounds of the Earth Magazine

Form your team and Contact Us!

Solutions to the World Crisis
Housing deficit

Tree housing building

Tree Housing Project

Currently there is a global housing crisis, according to the UN more than 100 million people in the world are homeless, a figure that is increased by natural disasters that leave more than 14 million people homeless a year. By virtue of facing this situation, we design a sustainable smart building to solve this problem with social and economic integration.

Solutions to Halt and Reverse Desertification in the Hunger Strip, The Sahel, Africa


Green Gray Mountain

In order to stop the advance of the Sahara and hunger in the Sahel, we designed the Montaña Verde Gris project, which will serve as an orographic barrier to facilitate the reforestation projects of the Great Green Wall, provide goods and services, to solve poverty, production of biofertilizers, means of job training, employment and sustainable food production...

Pobreza y Hambre

Projects to Eradicate Hunger and Poverty

Learn about the food and poverty catastrophes we are facing in 2023 and how to solve them

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Send your donation by different means of payment, through the reliable Western Union platform, make a bank transfer in the name of  NGO Arca Tierra RUT 65.195.204-2, Santiago Chile. State Bank Vista Account #21470082612 BIC or SWIFT Code: BECHCLRM


Upcoming Events

Copia de Historia de Instagram Evento de Halloween Sencillo Naranja y Negro (Presentación)

Emergency Plan

Copia de Copia de Copia de Revista Sonidos de La Tierra Vídeo Promocional Evento 30 Sept 2

Inspiration for Innovation

Mujeres en Ciencias

Innovators Team

Women in Science and Female Leadership

If you are interested in holding some of these events in your location in the Metropolitan Region of Chile or online, contact us

Próximos Eventos
Cámara para filmar un programa de televisión


Congresses and Conferences


International Education Congress
(May 21, 2024)

Congreso Internacional de Educación.jpg

International Education Congress

Due to our excellent track record in environmental education, we were invited to participate in the International Education Congress, organized by our partner Environmental Education Congress, which brings together more than 77 environmental education organizations.

We invite you to see and share our dissertation about "Flood and Forest Fire Mitigation through Green-Gray Workss


Copia de Copia de Copia de Revista Sonidos de La Tierra Vídeo Promocional Evento 30 Sept 2

Inspiration Talks for Innovation

We share proposed innovations from the NGO Arca Tierra's magazine "Sounds of the Earth" to young people and adults for the dissemination and/or development of solutions to mitigate climate change and natural disasters. We promote the development and leadership of women in science.

If you are interested, contact us

Conferencias 2021

Talks to Young People of Inspiration for Innovation at the Bicentenario Santo Cura de Ars High School
(October 13 and 23, 2023)

Talks to Civil Society (Neighborhood Associations)
Earthquake Emergency Plans

(October 19, 2023)

Ancla 1

Talks to Companies
Earthquake Emergency Plans

(November 2, 2023)

If you want us to participate in any of your events as an exhibitor, strategic ally, jury and/or assistant, contact y as soon as possible we will respond to you.

We have participated in activities with the National Geographic Society, Climate Promise
of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) of Chile and Colombia,  International Water Congress, Environmental Education Congress (brings together more than 50 Environmental Education Organizations from Latin America) the Green Chamber of Commerce, Add Your Action for the Climate (Chile), among others...


Learn about all our activities carried out in the years 2016-2023 

Actividades Anuales



Solutions to Mitigate Natural Disasters

We continually provide solutions for the prevention and mitigation of natural disasters, through workshops, publications and more.

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Environmental and Human Rights Articles in Our Blog

Interesting articles on current issues in the field of human rights and the environment, we evaluate current problems to present their solutions.

Digital Magazines

Free download!

Climate action and human rights defense magazines.

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Active Campaigns

Take effective climate action and activism for human rights, so that in democracy the expansion of humanity with sustainable development is possible.



Sponsorship of Offices of the
NGO Arca Tierra


Copia de Arte, Ciencia y DDHH son mi nor

Help Open an Office Near You!

Become a Regional Partner or Sponsor! Help open an office near you to educate and guide in the execution of projects aimed at improving the quality of life through sustainable development, conserving and recovering ecosystems, in participatory democracies to consolidate human and environmental rights without discrimination with citizen responsibility.


Allies of the NGO Arca Tierra

Allies Wanted
Arca Tierra NGO


Become Our Ally!

We need allies to disseminate and jointly carry out different educational activities and project execution, united to comply with a strategy that guarantees a civilization advancing towards the solution of global warming, with the freedoms that democracies offer, to consolidate human and environmental rights without discrimination.

Volunteers Wanted

We need you!

Help us spread solutions to climate change and consolidate democracies so that the solutions are viable, as well as implement them through projects with the formation of work teams.

Monthly Newsletters

Boletines Mensuales Eventos

Discover the Interesting Activities We Have Carried Out, Read Our Newsletters and Share Them!

Newsletters 2024

Take a look at our monthly activities, click on the image.

If you want to read our newsletters from previous years, read our section "Annual Activities"  of the years 2016-2022 

Actividades Anuales
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Send your donation by different means of payment, through the reliable Western Union platform, make a bank transfer in the name of  NGO Arca Tierra RUT 65.195.204-2, Santiago Chile. State Bank Vista Account #21470082612 BIC or SWIFT Code: BECHCLRM


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