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Program # 1 Projects

Weather Prediction System
and Planetary Simulator

We need to Improve Climate Prediction, Meteorological Times, Trajectories of Hurricanes, Droughts and Floods, Sea Level Rise, Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes, Determine the Quantity and Location of Key Natural Resources to Solve Climate Change.

This program proposes to satisfy these needs, through the development and improvements of aerial robotics technologies, terrestrial sensors on land, information technologies, meteorology, seismology and vulcanology, which serve as tools to save the earth from global warming and mitigate natural disasters. .  The NGO Arca Tierra considering current and developing technologies designed a Climate Prediction System and Planetary Simulator, watch this summary video to find out what it is about.

We provide the service of Intermediaries de open innovation. for the development of innovations that will make possible an improved Climate Prediction System and Planetary Simulator, which will promote an epic leap in computing, aerial robotics (drones) and terrestrial sensors.

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We will see the planet as it is without secrets to effectively predict and prevent the weather, natural disasters and the consequences of global warming.


Components of the Climate Prediction System
and Planetary Simulator

Auroras boreales

How to Establish Weather Patterns

We teach how to improve the establishment of weather patterns, considering factors hitherto ignored or half taken into account, through the monitoring of electromagnetic spectrums.


Improvement of Drones and Terrestrial Sensors

Drones to fly in and out of the troposphere for atmosphere monitoring and ozone layer regeneration.

Improvement of terrestrial sensors that work with electromagnetic spectrums, for monitoring the climate and the planet

Sensores Sónicos.png

Sonic Sensors, AI and Software to Predict Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions

Ability to monitor the movement of magma and tectonic plates, to improve the prediction of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

IA Imagen.png

Image and Artificial Intelligence Software for Weather Pattern Recognition

Software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the recognition of weather patterns through electromagnetic spectra and for short, medium and long-term weather forecasting.

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Quantum Computer



Improvement of supercomputers through quantum computers, which work through photons of light for a large storage capacity and speed of response and which operate based on electromagnetic spectrums.

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Improvement of Holograms, Human Computer Interaction and Augmented Reality (AR)

Improvement of the holographic projection, the interaction of the people who operate the system on the site, connected to different points of the planet and the improvement of augmented reality for efficient monitoring and forecasting of the behavior of the climate and the planet.

If you are a student, professional, businessperson or from a public or private entity and want to develop any of the components mentioned below, fill out and send us the advisory request form.

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For more information about the components of the Climate Prediction System and Planetary Simulator, you can access our free online course.


Its production was possible thanks in part to the National Geographic Society, which awarded an award to our instructor and president Patricia Rincón for the quality of our courses and innovative proposals. 

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Request Our Consulting Services!



Develop with our Guide one or several components of the Climate Prediction System and Planetary Simulator and of the Forest Fire Prevention and Control System.

Fill out and send us the Advice Request Form!

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