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24 Strategic Plans

of the NGO Arca Tierra

All our activities are the result of evaluations and strategic planning, around 24 Strategic Plans, to achieve the general goal of  the solution to climate change, mitigation of natural disasters and the expansion of humanity in the Earth and the solar system in the face of demographic growth, with quality of human life through sustainable development and equal rights, based on the environmental art book 531 Beauties of the World written by our president and founder Patricia Rincón.

24 Planes de la ONG Arca Tierra

Each plan contains goals that involve the development of technological, administrative and management policy innovations to save an element of nature, improve the quality of life of humanity and increase its ability to survive and expand with sustainable development, respecting human rights. without discrimination. 

We are currently working on the Plan 1 The Climate, we teach the solutions through our online courses and didactic materials produced thanks in part to the support of the National Geographic Society, which awarded our president for the quality and innovation of our education. We advise so that the solutions taught are applied, through the execution of projects adjusted to the geographic, environmental and socio-economic needs of regions, so that public and private entities build prosperity with sustainable development and contribute to the solution of global warming.


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Tierra y espacio

General Description of the 24 Strategic Plans

Eclipse solar

Plan 1 Weather (Active)

Develop technological, administrative and legislative innovations to lay the foundations for a civilization capable of solving change, with quality of life through sustainable development with equal human and environmental rights, with the provision of technological and management tools to solve global warming, surviving natural disasters, recovering and conserving natural resources.

Plan 1 El Clima

Plan 2 Oceans

Recover the oceans from pollution, restoring the appropriate levels of CO2, oxygen and salinity. Conserve marine life and reduce the impact of fishing industries on their survival and of any other maritime activity. Prevent natural disasters related to ocean currents and the construction of sustainable marine and underwater cities and transport routes.

Plan 2

Plan 3 Volcanoes

Emulate the benefits of volcanic eruptions, such as: the decrease in the planet's temperature, the creation of land surface and the properties of volcanic soils to improve crops. Development of materials, for different industries from volcanic materials and the emulation of their processes, to make raw materials more sustainable and of better quality. Evaluate the movement of the Earth's magma, the sounds and tremors that occur prior to eruptions for the mitigation of natural disasters due to volcanic eruptions.

Plan 3 Volcanes

Plan 4 Tectonic Plates

Evaluation of the movements of the universe, the Earth-Moon system and the tectonic plates for the improvement of terrestrial sensors and the climate prediction system (developed in the  Plan 1 El Clima ) to improve the prevention of telluric movements, to save lives and material goods. Improvement of buildings and regulations to resist tremors and earthquakes and optimization of agriculture by having the ability to study astral movements.

Plan 4
Playa tropical

Plan 5 Coasts

It considers the necessary actions to be carried out on the coasts, for the salvation of marine and coastal ecosystems, the recreation of the natural cycles that occur in them, such as natural recycling, for which the improvement of the recycling system is considered as a economic activity (developed in the  Plan 1 The Climate ) for the society that collects, distributors and industries, with industrial recycling processes with 3D and 4D printers and development of the construction industry with 3D and 4D printers with carbon-based material, which are resistant to any environmental condition and easy to recycle.

Plan 5

Plan 6 Jungles

The conservation of hectares of forests according to the estimated number suitable for the population and the health of the atmosphere in 50 years, ensuring the perfect balance of CO2 and oxygen, through a monetization system for the conservation of forests according to the oxygen they emit the number of conserved trees and penalties for air pollution and the preservation of Indigenous Cultures, improving what was developed in Plan 1 The Climate, in the  management policy of the Air Quality Law . Improvement of security systems and protection of the natural resources of the forests and indigenous communities. Improvement of effective reforestation processes and reduction of logging through the substitution of wood in the construction industry for carbon materials. Establish standards and mechanisms for compliance with the existence of a certain number of trees according to M2 of urban construction for air quality and health improvement. Reduce logging in the jungle through the production of plant species from the jungles destined for the production of medicines and the production of food in towns near the jungle reserves, in the vertical gardens developed in the  Plan 1 Weather

Plan 6
flores silvestres

Plan 7 Ecosystems

Preservation of ecosystems through the protection and recovery of wild flowers, birds, butterflies, bees and other insects. Expand the recycling of dead flower foliage for organic fertilizer in crops and reforestation systems to prevent soil erosion. Rescue the use of the health and nutritional benefits of flowers. Development of organic products for pest control without affecting the ecosystem.

Plan 7
Manada de elefantes

Plan 8 Grasslands and Sustainable Cities

It consists mainly of the preservation of valleys and meadows, of the indigenous people who inhabit them and of the species that make up their ecosystem in a sustainable way, assisted by a drone security system, for their protection. As well as the conservation of wetlands and expanding their use for wastewater treatment. Improve agricultural techniques to reduce the necessary territory and optimize its production with alternative energies, LED lights, food genetic engineering, among other technological developments, developed in the vertical agricultural gardens in Plan 1 El Clima. Improve the models of sustainable cities Tree, Globe and Galaxy, developed and built in Plan 1 The Climate, ensuring the consolidation of human and environmental rights, the improvement of materials and construction techniques with 4D printers, so that they expand At a faster rate of population growth and migratory movements and in areas of scarcity of territory, ensure the construction of floating cities. Consolidate these models of cities to ensure the defeat of hunger and poverty. Develop drinks, serums and highly nutritious foods, against malnutrition.

Plan 8
Los productos frescos

Plan 9 Food

Its main purpose is the solution to the scourge of hunger and malnutrition, through agriculture by reducing the necessary territory and capable of producing in the face of any environmental condition, through the continuous improvement of the vertical agricultural gardens developed in Plan 1 The Climate and the proposals for other previous plans. Development of serums and foods with high nutritional value for malnutrition, for food reserves in extreme climates and in the event of natural disasters, nutritious drinks, food supplements, vitamins,... Ensure that priority is given to respecting the right to food . Optimization of food distribution systems that benefit farmers, distributors, businesses and consumers.

Plan 9
Bosque brumoso

Plan 10 Forests

It contemplates the conservation of forests, their flora and fauna, improvement of reforestation methods recreating the lights and shadows of the understory in the areas to be reforested. The improvement of oxygen emission and CO2 absorption systems in cities, developed in Plan 1 El Clima, for the continuous improvement of air quality in cities. Expand the use of ozone to purify water and improve microclimates in the vertical gardens developed in Plan 1 El Clima, through understory lighting systems. Improved protection and sustainable development of indigenous people who inhabit forests.

Plan 10

Plan 11 Atmosphere

It contemplates the protection of the atmosphere, renewal of the ozone layer and its protection through  balance between technology and ethics, that is, the balance between science and religion, considering that human beings are souls that seek the greatest well-being of living beings, therefore, science must be oriented towards the improvement of the survival of living beings, including human beings and the planet. Guide ingenuity and innovation to create ethical technological developments and create legislation that defends our atmosphere and life on Earth. Full understanding of the atmospheric layers and the cycles that occur in them, of the general circulation of the atmosphere, its relationship with the oceanic circulation and the electromagnetic field, to improve the Climate Prediction System and Planetary Simulator (Developed in Plan 1 Climate). Strengthen the system of sanctions and rewards, expanding sanctions not only for CO2 emissions but also for other greenhouse gases and rewarding not only the conservation of natural resources, but also air quality, through the development of a network of monitoring, of filters with algae and limestone rocks for greenhouse gas emitters. Among other developments, such as systems to disintegrate meteorites emulating, the disintegration carried out by the atmosphere of meteorites, systems for the collection and recycling of space debris, systems for terraforming, among others.

Plan 11
Noche nevada

Plan 12 Cryosphere

Plan to protect the cryosphere and emulate its cycles to improve the quality of human life, such as the use of monitoring the water cycle for the prediction of heavy snowfalls, avoiding floods with environmentally friendly constructions and its collection for the supply of Water; monitoring of sea levels by melting of the cryosphere and establishing how we can stop it. Bioclimatic constructions for buildings and infrastructures in geographical areas that experience all 4 seasons and for extreme climates, extreme snowfall, to ensure their functionality and the survival of human beings and fauna, ensure the provision of shelters. Improvement of vertical gardens developed in Plan 1 El Clima, for their operation in food production and improvements in food distribution systems in periods of extreme snowfall, functional with their methods of generating renewable energy and their storage of models of sustainable cities of the NGO Arca Tierra. Take advantage of solar energy due to the albedo effect that occurs in the cryosphere, in addition to emulating the albedo effect to cool the Earth, in areas where it suffers from high temperatures in which we solve global warming, among other developments, such as the collection of mist water, better irrigation systems with the effect of mist (micro-sprinklers) for agriculture, Industrial Nebulization System to cool the climate and prevent forest fires, Refrigeration Systems with alternative energies, Cryogenic Systems for the conservation of living beings , food and humans for space travel.

Plan 12

Plan 13 Waterfalls

Conservation of waterfalls that emit ozone emulating this process to produce ozone and decontaminate water sources, improvement of desalination processes with waterfalls, reduce environmental impact and optimize hydroelectric power plants, waterfall system to oxygenate artificial rivers, administration of changes in ecosystems by influence to achieve the ideal balance of the planet, optimize the management of water resources, with the support of improved monitoring systems for water sources and their integration into the Climate Prediction System and Planetary Simulator developed in Plan 1 Climate, recycling and waste treatment wastewater in sustainable cities, improve the health and longevity of the human being through oxygenation.

Plan 13
Rápidos del río

Plan 14 Rivers

Conservation, decontamination and recovery of surface and underground rivers, without polluting chemical methods, decontamination systems would be developed and improved, through ultraviolet rays, rocks and grit, nanotechnological sand materials, graphene, microalgae solutions, among others, with energy saving and protection of ecosystems. Develop legislation for the prohibition of solid and liquid waste without being previously treated, full integration of the rivers into the Climate Prediction System and the Planetary Simulator (developed in Plan 1 The Climate) for their monitoring, recovery of rivers in deforested areas for contribute to the sustainability of jungles and forests, construction of artificial rivers for cities and ecosystems that require it. Improve the composition of the water consumed with salts, minerals and oxygenation.

Plan 14
Lago di Carezza

Plan 15 Lakes

Conservation of lakes and their ecosystems, of their aquatic and sub-aquatic plants for their conservation, integrating them into the Climate Prediction System and Planetary Simulator (developed in Plan 1 The Climate, optimization of the management of water resources so that there is no water shortage Improvement and development of wastewater treatment systems in residential and industrial areas Recovery from eutrophication (lack of oxygenation) of lakes, such as Lake Maracaibo, water saving system in cities and industries optimizing industrial and drainage processes, ensuring that wastewater is treated Development of the Oxygenation and Mineralization Sphere, to improve collection systems  and storage of rainwater in rural and urban areas, for the supply of drinking water. Improvement of the desalination process below sea level through Mineralization and Oxygenation Spheres for the creation of water sources such as rivers and lakes, possibly to be developed in La Guajira and in other areas affected by desertification. Hurricane protection of shorelines near lakes; decontamination of water and conservation of birds through mangroves and wetlands. Legislation that prohibits the contamination of water sources by chemicals used in the atmosphere to produce rain and ensure that rain production processes do not use chemicals and are tested with the Planetary Simulator, to measure their impact on the climate, to approve their execution. Conservation of underground water sources for storage and other methods to guarantee the vital liquid for ecosystems and human consumption.

Plan 15
Puesta de sol en el desierto

Plan 16 Deserts

Keep  certain number of deserts for the balance of temperatures and the efficient functioning of the atmospheric circulation and improve the quality of life in the deserts, through our models of Oasis Cities, which consist of domes made with resistant materials based on carbon and graphene crystals for the production of solar energy, with microclimates and water sources to be self-sustaining, with sufficient capacity to reserve and supply water to other towns through underground channels, since the high-rise dome will provide protection against sand storms and it will help the formation of lenticular clouds, for the development of stationary rain, as it happens in the mountains. Development of anticyclone barriers, mining in the deserts with techniques that conserve ecosystems, such as obtaining limestone rocks for industrial CO2 filters and the production of graphene, seeking economic activities with low environmental impact for sustainable development in the deserts. In areas where desertification has advanced due to global warming, carrying out projects for  Sustainable Cities  (from Plan 1 El Clima), so that through a battery of water and vertical gardens, soils and ecosystems are recovered. Improve the capture of solar and heat energy in deserts with improved processes and improved distribution of electricity generated through wireless electrical power transmission systems (witricity). Improve sandstorm monitoring to predict them well in advance and integrate the new monitors into the Climate Prediction System and Planetary Simulator (Developed in the  Plan 1 The Climate ) . Study of desert plants to improve health, help protect and sustain indigenous development in desert areas.

Plan 16

Plan 17 Glaciers

Conservation of glaciers, reduce the environmental impact of economic activities and research in areas where there are glaciers and protect the species and indigenous people that inhabit these areas, integrating them into conservation activities and providing them with tools for sustainable development. Carry out archaeological studies to understand the history of the Earth and the behavior of glaciers, integrating the results into the Climate Prediction System and Planetary Simulator (developed in the  Plan 1 Climate ),  for the evaluation of its incidence in the water cycle, atmospheric circulation and thermostat of the planet, balance of the movements of rotation and translation of the Earth and the generation of the magnetic field. Calculate and contain the consequences of the melting of glaciers due to climate change and reverse them through the application of the most necessary solutions contained in the 24 Strategic Plans and improve the legislation of awards and sanctions for the protection of glaciers, take advantage of solar energy by albedo effect of glaciers and the cryosphere to be self-sustaining its conservation.

Plan 17
Northern Lights

Plan 18 Magnetic Field 

This plan consists of improving the understanding of the Earth's magnetic field for its protection and emulating its phenomena to improve the quality of life of humanity through technological developments, such as electricity supply with wireless transmission and various clean energies of electromagnetism. , to replace current energies and that the energy-producing industries with highly polluting mechanisms make the transition towards the production of renewable energies, develop transport routes that provide mechanical energy, magnetic fields to protect areas from the impact of electrons and celestial bodies , development of cybernetics with the application of the principles of electromagnetism for the recovery of motor movements of the body and the development of graphene prostheses printed with 3D and 4D printers; production of music for the deaf, extolling art with bioclimatic constructions. Carry out artistic events to imagine the Earth of tomorrow with music and lights according to the emotions that you want to convey to generate an impact on the audience; develop an automated system of statistics of natural resources for their optimal management and to be able to plan for the future. Improve the understanding of the eternity of the human soul and improve the understanding of the universe with the development of a 3D Map of the Universe, to prevent universal movements, protection of the magnetic field and exploration of the universe, gathering knowledge and efforts with the UNOOSA, to plan actions in conquest of other uninhabited planets, for the expansion of humanity in solution to population growth beginning with the colonization of the moon and exploration of our solar system with a balance between science and religion, that is, a balance between knowledge and ethics to guarantee the optimal survival of humanity on Earth and other planets.

Plan 18

Plan 19 Rainbow

It contemplates the protection of living beings and humanity from natural disasters, through global alliances arranged by the United Nations and its action according to the organizational model and management policies of the Natural Disasters Section of the  Department of Natural Resources  (designed and proposed by the NGO Arca Tierra), which will act in coordination with other organizations at the national and continental levels, for the timely and effective application of contingency plans in the face of each catastrophe. Develop technologies for the mitigation of natural disasters and rapid reconstruction, in terms of shelter, food, transportation to respond to these eventualities and contribute to the reconstruction, materials and resistant construction techniques, described in our  Plan 1 Climate , ( Sustainable Cities Project ) and  Natural Disaster Plans . Development of legislation to ensure that technology is applied for the benefit of humanity and living beings, that human rights are consolidated on Earth and on other planets where we live with the UN and religions, especially ensuring the right to democracy to make this possible, ensuring gender equality, respect for human rights without discrimination based on race, creed or sexual orientation, for which the death sentence for LGBTIQ+ people must be abolished in the world. Environmental education integrating the family to teach respect and protection of nature, as well as action against natural disasters.

NOTE: The NGO Arca Tierra, given that natural disasters have intensified due to global warming, has begun to make some recommendations based on this strategic plan, disclosed on our website in the section  Natural Disaster Plans .

Plan 19

Plan 20 Clean Energies

Understanding and prevention of electrical storms, evaluation of lightning for the production of clean alternative energy and its wireless transmission, to be used by devices, cars, appliances, residences, cities, through a satellite system and terrestrial antennas, so that through microwave and/or radio waves distribute electricity without the need for wiring. Improvement of power plants and energy storage through the principles of statics. Creation of power plants that capture the energy of lightning,  mainly where lightning incidence phenomena occur in a certain geographical area, such as the Catatumbo Lightning phenomenon, which occurs in the Zulia state of Venezuela and the constant electrical storms that occur in Rwanda and the Congo, considering the protection and the sustainable development of the indigenous people who live in these regions. Recreation of these natural phenomena for the generation of electricity in abundance at low cost, applying ethics to technology so that it is available to everyone. In the event that the transition to the total use of renewable energies, contemplated in the management policy, has not yet been achieved,  Law for the Transition of the Hydrocarbon Industries towards Sustainability , developed in Plan 1 The Climate, should be legislated for the immediate transition, encouraging the use of energy technologies developed in previous plans and in this plan. Development of land routes, air routes and transport units that use renewable energies and supply electromagnetic energy, for the transit of floating public and private transport.  Develop matter-to-energy converter based on the principles of the particle accelerator. Develop other alternative energies based on hydrogen, among other options. Optimization of ozone generators with electromagnetic energy for decontamination uses and improvements to the Earth's atmosphere, for the regeneration of the ozone layer and on other planets, for the terraforming or creation of micro atmospheres.

Plan 20
Cráteres lunares

Plan 21 Moon

Plan aimed at the protection of the Earth-Moon System, improving its understanding for the development of legislation and technology to improve the quality of human life, with the knowledge of the lunar phases we will improve the results of agriculture in open fields and in microclimates with lights LED, the recovery of corals, for which we will use illustration systems with lunar clocks, which illustrate the lunar phase and the ideal productive activities to carry out. Determine the influence of lunar cycles on ocean currents, tsunamis, tidal waves, earthquakes, among other natural disasters, with the assistance of the  Climate Prediction System and Planetary Simulator  (developed in the  Plan 1 El Clima ) and the results will serve to improve the prediction of natural disasters and to be able to take measures earlier. Demonstrate with the Earth-Moon System, that the universal movements are the result of electromagnetic interrelationships, through applied quantum physics and mechanics, with the conclusions of the investigation,  we will improve the Map of the Dynamic 3D Universe developed in Plan 18 Magnetic Field and we will create the 3D Simulator in Gravity O of the Earth-Moon System to predict its electromagnetic interrelationships, the influences of meteorology, rotation and translation of the solar system and the galaxy, progressively until it is possible to determine the influences of the universe on the behavior of the Earth-Moon System, in order to prevent interstellar events. This research will also allow us to create alternative energies by gravity and kinetics, by knowing for sure the electromagnetic interrelation between two magnetic fields, one of greater intensity compared to another of lesser intensity, we will know that gravity is nothing more than magnetic attraction towards the nucleus land. By updating the laws of electromagnetism and gravity, we will investigate how to harness the energy on the Moon produced by Earth's magnetic tail. Improvement of the Seismograph System on the Moon and use its conclusions to determine the ideal places for the establishment of Lunar bases, for their colonization. Apply the electromagnetic laws in the behavior of meteorites and asteroids, to prevent and avoid impacts, developing a Monitoring System using the Dynamic 3D Universe Map and the 3D Space Gravity Simulator, (these can be developed in virtual reality or through levitation of small objects modeled with 3D and 4D printers so that they interrelate electromagnetically). We will expand the understanding of the creation of the Moon, the Solar System and the development of life on Earth. Establish the UN Lunar Planetary Defense Base for the defense of the Earth-Moon System from external threats with an Asteroid and Meteorite Defense System, making use of a database of the study of asteroids and meteorites collected in space and on Earth. Land; The defense base will have a Prevention and Detection System, Control Systems with Ion Generator, Protective Barrier with Ion Generator, Ion Generating Sphere by Convection, Screens to hide Magnetic Fields and Electromagnets, Organization and Contingency Plans against possible Asteroid impacts and extraterrestrial threats. Protection of the Earth-Moon System from cycles, storms and solar ejections. Development and Legislation of Space Mining and how to make other planets habitable for humanity, with the aforementioned Asteroids and Meteorites Control Systems, improve interspatial energy transmission using various energy sources evaluated. To colonize the Moon, gravitational shields will be used to create artificial gravity in the ships and to propel them, creation of Humanity's Space Platform on the Moon and on Earth with electromagnets, for trips to the moon and interspace from the Moon. Design and Construction of Palacios Spaceship, with Electromagnetic Sphere and assembling Triangular Land and Space Ships,  powered by plasma engines and electromagnetic laws, which can be used to establish lunar bases and be reused as spacecraft for travel in the Solar System, The Lunar Base will contemplate the establishment of all the nations of the 5 Continents, in a System of Government Democratic led by the UN where each nation will be independent, but all must respect human rights without discrimination and follow the rules to maintain human life on the moon. The Moon Base will be built following the  Galaxy City Model , developed in Plan 1 Climate and tested under extreme conditions in Plan 16 Deserts. Construction of floating cities with the Palace Spaceships. Substitute rocket launch system for propulsion with ion (plasma) engines. Encourage prosperity on the Moon with economic activities and interspace taxes collected by the UN to finance the colonization of the Solar System. Astrophysics and astronomy education on Earth and at the Moon Base at different educational levels.

Plan 21
Campo de girasol

Plan 22 Sun

Protection of the Earth-Moon System from the sun and optimizing the use of its benefits, study and research to more effectively understand and predict solar phenomena, such as solar storms, solar cycles, space weather, expanding knowledge of the atmosphere, magnetic field and movements of the solar system that will allow us to create contingency plans for solar events and develop technology for the protection of the Earth-Moon System, such as a protection barrier with solar absorption, an electromagnetic protective shield with electromagnets that produce magnetic fields. Integration in the Satellite System and Terrestrial Sensors of Solar radiation, to understand its incidence on Earth, for the recovery of Biomes in the open field and in crops with microclimates, protection and improvement of the atmosphere for the filtering of solar rays, measure the impact of the increase in ultraviolet-B radiation that is modifying plants and living beings, to reverse them in the restoration of biomes and fauna. Protect the population from harmful solar radiation, with health campaigns and products and take advantage of beneficial solar radiation for health, since it produces essential vitamin D for carrying out body functions, Study of cells in the absorption of solar energy and its functioning in cancer and healthy cells, as well as in atoms. Evaluation and technological developments in genetic medicine, pharmacogenetics, cell treatment, nanomedicine and quantum medicine (study of the atom), to act at the cellular and atomic level, to cure cancer, leukemia, AIDS, HIV, Alzheimer's, lupus, among others and lengthen longevity by regenerating cells that atrophy in old age. Ethics and science in the creation of life through artificial means, to guarantee the right to life and family, development of reproduction through cloning of embryos for homoparental and lesbian families to procreate with their genes. A better understanding of our solar system, which will allow us to optimize the 3D Dynamic Map of the Universe, developed in previous plans, making use of the 3D Space Gravity Simulator of universal movements, Space Meteorology System, Observation and exploration of the universe, gravitational fields product of the electromagnetic interrelation and the relativity of time in the universe. Viable and economical solar energy, by improving the capture of solar energy, the material of the solar panels, their capacity for conversion to electrical energy, storage based on the advances of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics, and wireless transmission with a Satellite and terrestrial antennas. Production of Solar Panels with 3D printers and carbon-based material, replacement of building glass by graphene solar panel crystals, which produce electrical energy and are resistant. Improve the industrial filters for CO2 and oxygen emission developed in previous plans.

Plan 22 Sol
Cúmulo de estrellas

Plan 23 Galaxies and Universe

Understanding of our galaxy the Milky Way, of the Group of Galaxies and its relationship with the movements and expansion of the universe for the protection of our solar system, of the Earth-Moon System from interstellar events. Ensure the expansion of humanity in the universe in the face of population growth. Through the nomenclature of the universe, facilitate the identification of celestial bodies and development of the Navigation System in the known Universe, investigate the electromagnetic field of our solar system, space weather outside the solar atmosphere, explanation of the phenomenon of the agglomeration of galaxies for expansion of the universe. Displacement of our galaxy, a set of galaxies due to the electromagnetic interrelation that are directed towards greater electromagnetic fields, for space travel and prediction of the movements of our solar system, conclusively determine the shape of the universe with current theories and the book 531 Beauties of the World II and III edition, written by Patricia Rincón, for the improvement of the 3D Dynamic Map of the Universe and, according to these theories, to determine the time of millions of years in which the universe will collapse and restart again,  Council of Religions and United Nations to explore beyond this physical universe, through black holes (journeys similar to those reported by people who have died by minutes and scientists' theories of what it would be like to travel through black holes) and discoveries in particle accelerator, to plan to further futures as souls of eternal life, aware of being spiritual beings

Plan 23
La formación de estrellas

Plan 24 Universe

Create with illusions, decisions, agreements and actions of humanity to save  the Earth with quality of human life, in equality of human rights with technological - spiritual (Ethics) - environmental balance.

Plan 24
Evaluación Evaluation (1).gif

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