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Personalized Training

We teach you to make changes to have sustainable development and help solve climate change

Our training services are oriented to ensure that students can develop and use technological, administrative and management innovations so that they contribute to the solution of climate change, create sustainable development with quality of life and respect for human rights without discrimination, in their households, companies, public and private institutions and regions.

Capacitación Personalizada inicio
Material Didáctico de la ONG Arca Tierra
Talleres a la Medida
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Material Didáctico de la ONG Arca Tierra

Tailor Made Workshops

We summarize and adapt the solutions of ouronline courses  to your needs, so that you can apply solutions for your sustainable development

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Supervised Courses

If you want to do our online courses with the assistance of an instructor, you can request this service.

Reduce tu huella de carbono ONG Arca Tierra

Workshops Available

Online workshops withOPEN ENROLLMENT,
Choose the workshop and schedule


What workshops can you request?

Request workshops to know how to carry outprograms and projects, that will help from a person, home, organization, company, industry, municipality, country or a continent  to solve their environmental, sustainable development and natural disaster mitigation problems. Look at the topics on which the workshops and projects we promote can be based to apply the solutions we teach. Select the ones you need the most, in our advice form we ask you questions to solve your needs.

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Monitoring and Prediction

Workshops to improve and innovate in informatics and monitoring of the planet for the prediction of climate, weather, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes


Monitoring and Prediction

Workshops for the development of systems to absorb and reduce CO2 in a sustainable way that in turn recover ecosystems and solve problems of water, air quality, hunger, poverty, among others.

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Bio Geoengineering

Workshops to develop biomimetic technologies and conservation of natural resources to mitigate natural weather disasters.

Desarrollo Sostenible

Sustainable development

Organization, urban planning, buildings and infrastructures for the transition towards sustainability and improvement of the quality of life.


Management  Policies

Workshops to develop and implement procedures and standards in the areas of democracy, equal human rights, gender equality and environmental conservation in a sustainable way. Reduce carbon footprint with a sustainable economy, so that industries, especially hydrocarbons, are green. 

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Disaster Mitigation

Organization and action workshops  to mitigate natural disasters, teach how to prevent, contain, and rebuild from tropical storms, wildfires, floods, droughts, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and heavy snowfall.

Request a Personalized Workshop Now! 


Fill out the following form to find out what you need and schedule the delivery of the workshop online or in person. We only deliver personalized workshops in Spanish and in person in Santiago from Chile and Madrid Spain.

Custom Workshops

We carry out  workshops tailored to the needs of public, private and civil society entities in general, so that they use the innovative solutions of our Plan 1 The Weather, we train them according to their problems so that they can solve them by applying what they have learned in the workshop.  

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Cursos Supervisados

Supervised Courses

Upon request, we organize online workshops for groups of 10-20 people to teach each of ouronline courses,class by class with the supervision and guidance of an instructor trained in study techniques. The workshop will consist of video classes, presentations, individual and group interactive practices, designed for students to learn and put into practice what they have learned. This will have a value according to the costs generated.


The First Steps to Solve Climate Change


Technological Innovations to Create the Tools to Save the Earth 

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Systems to Purify the Air and Water of the Cities, the Atmosphere and the Oceans 

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Geoengineering Techniques to Reduce Typhoons, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Tornadoes

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Organization and Models of Cities for Sustainable Development

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Evolution of Management Policies for Sustainable Development

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How to Take Action Against Global Warming

If you have a group of 10 to 20 people to take one of our online courses, fill out the following form to schedule the delivery of the supervised course.

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Talleres Disponibles

Available Online Workshops

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Objective: you will know how to reduce CO2 emissions and pollution in your home and neighborhood, so that by being able to practice this knowledge you will face climate change and improve the quality of life in your home and area of influence, you will realize that being green can reduce costs and generate extra income, to move towards prosperity in harmony with nature, while contributing to the solution of global warming.

Time: 2 hours

Price: $65 per person.

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Objective: you will know how to make your company or industry work as a biofactory, without waste or environmental pollution, valuable resources will increase as well as your profitability.  

Time: 2 hours

Price: $100 per person, discounts are offered for companies, depending on the number of employees to be trained.

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Objective: You will know how to make government offices carbon neutral and generate district energy, the generation and storage of renewable energy that will make it possible for your district to be 100% carbon neutral.  

Time: 2 hours

Price: $100 per person, discounts are offered for government organizations, based on the number of employees to be trained.

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You will generate Air Quality and you will get closer to being Carbon Neutral

Objective: you will know how to make transport infrastructures absorb CO2 and generate clean energy for electricity supply and transport electricity load.

Time: 2 hours

Price: $100 per person, discounts are offered for organizations, depending on the number of employees to be trained.



How to have buildings with thermal comfort and renewable energy, resistant to natural disasters.


Exteriors and interiors without viruses or bad smells. Reduction and absorption of CO2 emissions.


Efficient water management to avoid shortages and floods without water pollution.


Various renewable energies for energy efficiency, savings and income generation.


How to make green electric mobility possible.


Practical and lucrative recycling to help the environment and make  sustainable recycling.


How to conserve ecosystems that help you improve air and water quality, thermal comfort and help butterflies and bees.


Efficient food production in a practical and sustainable way.



Computer or notebook with camera and microphone.

Stable internet connection.

Zoom program installed.

Have a Gmail account.

Carry out the workshop in a place with good light and little ambient noise.

Material for notes.


It includes:

- Study guide and downloadable teaching material.

- Digital Participation Certificate: to obtain the certificate you must have completed all the activities provided by the instructor, during the workshop.

- One week of answers  to your questions via email, to guide you with your schedule of activities to apply what you have learned.

Clase en línea
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We will love to serve you

Tomando notas


+56 9 8173 4814

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Patricia Rincón 

President and Operations Coordinator, in charge of developing the content of the training workshops and ensuring the quality of delivery.

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Griselda Méndez

Treasurer and Administration Coordinator, in charge of administrative procedures for the delivery of this service.

What Distinguishes Our Training?


Innovation and Expertise

Content Developed by our operations coordinator Patricia Rincón, awarded by the National Geographic Society for the quality of her education and innovative proposals to solve climate change.


Downloadable Materials

You will have access to the teaching material worked on from the workshop and others that will complement your learning.


Supervision and No Dictation Taking

Instead of having someone dictate, you will learn on your own or a trained instructor will take you through a study guide.



If you wish, you can write to us for a week to ask about the workshop, after that time you can request advisory services to carry out related projects.


Knowledge As A Tool



You will be able to put into practice what you have learned, at the end of each course or workshop, with your initiatives and goals, or through advice.

04        Virtual   Classroom

Academic focus, where you can study and practice in an entertaining way, in reading, doing practices and online games.


Certificate and Bulletin

You will receive a digital certificate to your email address upon completing all the practices. If you wish, you will receive a monthly newsletter about our activities.

Request Our Training Now!
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