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nublado cima de la montaña

Plan 1 Climate

Global Goal

Develop technological, administrative and management policy innovations to lay the foundations of a civilization capable of solving climate change, surviving natural disasters, recovering, and conserving natural resources, with quality of life through sustainable development and equal rights human and environmental.

nublado cima de la montaña


nublado cima de la montaña

The following video explains the goals of Plan 1 The Climate

(It is in Spanish with English subtitles)

Las montañas de nubes

Description of Goals,  with their Corresponding Courses and Projects to Teach and Apply the Solutions

Las montañas de nubes
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We are currently working on Plan 1 The Climate, all our activities education,innovation and consultancy to run solutions through programs and projects They are oriented towards the achievement of the goals of this plan.

The innovative solutions of this strategic plan were awarded by the National Geographic Society, recognizing our president and instructor Patricia Rincón for the quality of her work.

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1. Climate Prediction System and Planetary Simulator

Technological Innovations to Improve Climate Prediction, The Tools to Save the Earth: develop technological innovations in the fields of aerial robotics (drones), meteorology, volcanology, seismology, quantum computing, software development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Interactivity Person - Computer, Augmented Reality (AR), Environmental Conservation, among others. To create the components of an improved climate prediction system and the creation of a planetary simulator, to determine effective solutions to climate change.

We have the Online Course available in English and Spanish.

Meta 1 Simulador Planetario

2. Absorption and Reduction of CO2 Emissions, Water and Air Quality in the Cities and the Cleaning of the Oceans

A) System to decontaminate the air and surfaces in closed spaces, through ozone, laser beams and algae, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and any other virus, so that education and work activities can be carried out with the corresponding forecasts.


B) System to absorb and reduce CO2 emissions and guarantee air quality in urban areas, through the innovation of Vertical Gardens, which involve technology and natural resources, to decontaminate water sources, absorb large amounts of CO2, emit oxygen through plants and algae, renewable energy generation, decontaminating water sources, collecting rainwater, improving desalination processes, food production processes, conservation of flora species and creating habitats for butterflies and bees through living sculptures of flowers.  

C) System to Purify the Atmosphere and the Oceans, which involves several innovations to clean the continents of plastic and waste from the oceans, with technology and natural resources, it explains how to carry out the work of reducing ocean acidification, freeing the excess CO2, Nitrous Oxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere and oceans,  making special use of mangroves, to provide refuge for birds and marine species and that in turn serve to protect the coasts of tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones, reduce the formation of these phenomena in the oceans, because they generate high pressure systems. (See Project Save the Oceans)

Meta 2 Absorción y Reducc
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3. Decrease in Typhoons, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Control Systems for Typhoons, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Tornadoes: development of harmless geoengineering technology for the environment and living beings, to reduce the intensity of typhoons, cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes to protect ecosystems and the population. Creation of natural anticyclone barriers on coasts through mangroves. The formation of national, continental and United Nations teams to control these phenomena in a coordinated manner and can monitor, avoid or contain natural disasters caused by these causes.

Free Online Course is now available, an orientation on how to develop these innovations

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Desarrollo Sostenible

4. Organization and Models of Cities for Sustainable Development

Organization models and sustainable cities, to achieve the conservation of natural resources, the solution of climate change and the containment of natural disasters, through an organization chart adaptable to a nation, continent and for the United Nations, to manage natural resources , ensuring its recovery and conservation, quality and management standards for human activities so that they are oriented towards sustainable development and consolidation of human and environmental rights, through models of sustainable cities, to create a pollution-neutral civilization, containment and prevention of natural disasters and rapid recovery from these events.

Start the Online Course Now!

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5. Management Policies for Sustainable Development, Respect for Human and Environmental Rights Without Discrimination

Management Policies to consolidate human and environmental rights and make humanity evolve towards sustainable development through the following management policies:

A) Gradient Scale of Humanity between Surviving and Succumbing: promote a system of points in the United Nations, in which democracies, the cornerstone of human rights, are rewarded and promoted for the respect of human and environmental rights without discrimination and on equality.  

B) Air Quality Law: law that establishes prizes and sanctions for air quality, so that CO2 emissions are effectively reduced and a sustainable economy is promoted, through the support of the supply and demand of products, goods and carbon neutral services. And the resources are used for the recovery and conservation of natural resources and the containment of natural disasters. 

C) Law for the Transition from Oil to Clean Energies, promotes gradient actions for humanity to achieve the transition from polluting energies to sustainable energies, as well as the substitution of petroleum products, such as plastic, with biodegradable products.  

D) Environmental Protection Pact Law, making use of the Climate Prediction System as a planetary simulator, developed in innovation number 1, the natural resources to be conserved must be established to guarantee at least the breathing of generations until 2050 .

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Didactic Materials

We invite you to read the books and magazines that explain how to develop the innovations of Plan 1 El Clima in our bookstore.

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