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Management Policies for Sustainable Development

Free Online Course
Thanks in part to the National Geographic Society


This course teaches you how to develop the 4 Management Policies that we need to evolve towards respect for human rights and towards sustainable development, proposed by the NGO Arca Tierra.


Ultimately, these management policies will allow us to evolve as a species towards respect for human and environmental rights; effectively reduce CO2 emissions, establish a sustainable economy and conserve the environment; It will make hydrocarbon industries and their derivatives become sustainable industries and, through their pumping experience, help absorb excess CO2 from the atmosphere and oceans, while producing renewable energy, among other activities. sustainable economics; and it teaches how to conclude a treaty for the conservation of the environment that guarantees the breathing of present and future generations until at least 2,050.

Table of Contents


Section 1 
Class 1 Importance of Evolutionary Management Policies for Humanity 

Section 2
Law Scale Gradient of Humanity between Surviving and Succumbing

Class 2 What is the Scale Law of the Gradient of Humanity between
survive and succumb
Class 3 What Will Humanity's Gradient Scale Law Measure Between Surviving and
Class 4 How would it be implemented in the Continental Organizations and in the
United Nations?
Class 5 How to get all the Nations of the World to Evolve towards the

Section 3
Air Quality Law
Class 6 System of Awards and Sanctions for Air Quality 
Class 7. Sanctions for CO2 Emissions 
Class 8. Awards for the Reduction of Emissions and CO2 Absorption

This video is part of our Series Against Climate Change, from the video How to Help Solve Climate Change, we invite you to watch the Full Video

Section 4 
Law of Transition from Oil to Clean Energies 

Class 9 How will the Fossil Fuel Industries make the Transition? 
Class 10 Sustainable Activities for the Transition of Industries Related to Fossil Fuels towards Sustainability

Section 5 
World Treaty for Environmental Protection 
Class 11 World Treaty for Environmental Protection


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