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Projects of Program # 3
BIO Geoengineering to Reduce Typhoons, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Tornadoes



We need to reduce the intensity of hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons and tornadoes, climate change generates extreme variations of hot and cold air, which increases the incidence of these phenomena. They currently cause severe damage and are predicted to increase 300% in intensity and incidence by 2050.



This program is designed to resolve this situation through Bio Geoengineering, that is, to help recover natural resources that reduce or divert tropical storms, use water and natural agents that are harmless to the environment, but that serve to reduce them and avoid damage to the biosphere, with biomimetic technologies, explained in our course #4, Bio Geoengineering Techniques to Reduce Typhoons, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Tornadoes. We invite you to watch the video of the course and see the projects that we currently advise on their execution to bring the solutions taught to reality.

This program is closely related to Program #1 Climate Prediction System, because to improve the prediction of tropical storms and their routes we must improve the factors to be considered, knowledge that will also serve to reduce and control them until they disappear. 


Principales Zonas para la Recuperación, Conservación de Manglares e Instalación de Barrera

Natural Barriers


On islands and coastal areas we promote natural mangrove barriers on the coast and offshore, so that they protect life in the sea, reefs and on the coast from strong winds and waves. At a sufficient distance, it will serve to create shelter zones for marine life and birds, it will generate high-pressure systems to remove hurricanes from their trajectory or at least reduce them when they make landfall. At the same time helping to solve climate change, because they absorb CO2 ten times more than any other forest, to mitigate natural disasters and to create sustainable development. See our Stop the Hurricane app to see more about the projects we are promoting in this regard.

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Artificial Mangrove Islands in the Oceans


The ability of mangroves to absorb CO2, Nitrous Oxide and Heavy Metals from the Atmosphere and Oceans, to generate high pressure systems that prevent the formation of large storms, we urge the construction of islands for the establishment of mangrove forests in points crucial and feasible, determined by ocean currents and winds, to save oceans, ecosystems and human lives from major tropical storms. This action is part of our Save the Oceans project that promotes this activity.

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Drones and Spheres

Experimental project for the development of drones and spheres so that through high pressure they can decrease until the hurricane or tornado disappears. Once these technologies have been developed and laboratory tested, we will proceed with the creation of national, continental and United Nations storm chaser teams.

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Education Tools to Develop These Innovations

Online Courses

The following courses are part of our open STEM education to educate how to develop the technological innovations we need to improve the prediction and mitigation of natural disasters associated with hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons and tornadoes. They are available on our website for free, thanks in part to an award from the National Geographic Society given to our president and instructor Patricia Rincón, for the quality and innovation in our education.


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Online course

Technological Innovations to Create the Tools to Save the Earth


It teaches how to develop technology related to drones, image and sound software, artificial intelligence (AI), quantum storage, holographic projection, Augmented Reality (AR), improvement of Human Computer Interaction (IPO), terrestrial sensors for predicting the weather, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The innovations will be for the creation of a Climate Prediction System and a Planetary Simulator, to survive natural disasters and determine effective measures for climate change.

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Online course

Geoengineering Techniques to Reduce Typhoons, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Educates how to develop geoengineering techniques that are harmless to the environment, aimed at reducing air and ocean pollution, recovering and conserving natural resources, and reducing the intensity of typhoons, cyclones, hurricanes, and tornadoes to protect ecosystems and the population. The formation of national, continental and United Nations teams for the responsible and coordinated application of these techniques, in order to monitor, avoid or contain natural disasters caused by these causes.

Various Digital Tools

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Online Workshops

In two sessions delivered through two (2) live stream videos and PDF presentations we teach how to create hurricane safe zones with sustainable development.

At the request of the inhabitants of the island of Providencia, which was devastated by Hurricane Iota in November 2020, we developed a workshop and didactic material.

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Stop Hurricane App 

It teaches how to stop the destruction caused by hurricanes and start building sustainable development.

This app was developed by the NGO Arca Tierra, to empower citizens with practical knowledge, to help prevent and mitigate disasters, creating sustainable development in the process, with successful actions collected around the world and our innovative proposals.

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