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Business Consulting

For the Transition of Economic Activities towards Sustainability

Diagnosis in relation to Sustainability and Profitability

We evaluate the situation of your company and issue a report with its weaknesses, strengths and general recommendation, to solve the problems and strengthen its advantages in relation to the sustainability and profitability of your company. 


Design of Program or Group of Projects

Depending on your available resources or sources of financing (state or banking) and the results of the general recommendation of the diagnosis, a program will be broken down, that is, a set of objectives towards the goal of sustainability, which are carried out  through projects, stated in a general way, so you will define which projects you will execute at the beginning.

The program or set of projects have the goal of making your company a biofactory, profitable for you and for the environment.

Biofactoría ONG Arca Tierra

A biofactory is a production center of valuable resources, avoids the generation of waste, environmental impact and does not consume energy of fossil origin because it produces its own energy to function.

Projects management

We offer the service of assuming the management of the projects that the company decides to execute, we will define schedules and budgets, in coordination with the client, we will direct the activities of the project, ensuring that they are carried out successfully, achieving the goal or goals of the project.

Project Management Involves the Execution of the following Activities in General:

  1. We will advise you in defining the projects to be carried out, their scope will be tailored to the current capabilities of your company.

  2. Establish budget and schedule of project activities.

  3. Carry out bids for the contracting or acquisition of products, goods and services, to ensure quality at the best cost.

  4. Ensure compliance of contracts with the terms of the contract, manage financial resources according to the budget. 

  5. Supervise the execution of the project and take the necessary measures so that the tasks, budgets, times and objectives established in the schedule are fulfilled.

  6. Prepare periodic reports to publicize the progress and results that are being obtained. At the end of the project, a final summary report will be issued.

The diagnosis is made with respect to the points that you select or all of these that we recommend:

Diagnóstico de Empresas en Sostenibilidad.png



Products and services



Production processes


Air quality

Renewable energy

Diseño de Programa Serv Emp
Gestión de Proyectos a Empresas

Continuous Improvement or Project Scalability

As the projects are executed, the profitability of the company will improve and its investment and expansion capacity will increase, which will allow continuous improvement of its economic and environmental sustainability, for which we provide advice to expand the scope of the projects. , with an updated diagnosis. For example, if you invested in making one wing of your facility run on renewable energy, it will expand to run the entire business on renewable energy. 

Escabilidad Servicios Empresariales

Improvement or Creation of New Sustainable Companies, Products, Goods and Services

We advise on improvement and/or innovation, if the purpose is directed towards sustainable economic activities, such as:

Mejora o Innovación Serv Empresas
Diagnóstico de Empresas en Sostenibilidad.png


Green Transport

Products and services

Sustainable construction


Production processes


CO2 absorption and reduction

Renewable energy


If you want to innovate with our proposals, you can choose the project or projects that interest you.

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We provide these non-profit advisory services, our rates are per hour or hourly packages depending on the work to be done, request our advice and we will give you a budget.

By contracting our services you will be helping us to continue with our activities and that low-income people receive our consultancy for free

Download the Catalog of Our Consulting Services in Your Language

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Catalog for Companies that Wish to Scale Towards Sustainability

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