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Natural Disaster Mitigation

We offer you recommendations to mitigate, contain and rebuild in the event of natural disasters, based on our 24 Strategic Plans, aimed at solving climate change, mitigating natural disasters and population growth, with quality of human life through sustainable development and equal rights.

We provide personalized, non-profit advisory services for the construction of resistant shelters, to mitigate natural disasters in the home, neighborhood, companies, industries, cities, countries and regions, after an evaluation adjusted to their climatic conditions and risk factors. , we drafted a strategic plan.

Request our advice by filling out the following form to find out what you need.

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Organización ante Desastres Naturales

How to Get Organized

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Typhoons, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Tornadoes

incendio forestal

Forest fires


Floods and Droughts

Fotografía de paisajes

Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions

Bosque Nevado

Big Snowfall

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How to Organize Before Natural Disasters?

Cómo Organizarse Desastres Naturales

We present you in a summarized way how you can organize yourself efficiently in the face of natural disasters, so that you can recover quickly with sustainable development. And for a broader knowledge, we invite you to take our online course Organization and Models of Sustainable Cities.

In the following presentations, available in Spanish and English, we teach you how to create a committee that integrates all sectors of society, directed by citizens and coordinated by the corresponding government entity of the democratic country in question, to carry out 3 fundamental activities that must be carried out immediately and efficiently: 1. Humanitarian Assistance 2. Containment and 3 Reconstruction and Recovery of Ecosystems.

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Recommendations for Typhoons, Hurricanes, Cyclones and Tornadoes

Ciclones, Tifones, Huracanes y Tornados
tormenta extrema

Due to the high incidence of tropical storms, we have developed different workshops, didactic materials, presentations, video forums and we created the free app Stop the Hurricane, in Spanish and English, which summarizes all our innovative proposals to mitigate the damage of hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons and tornadoes. 

We present you how to rebuild considering the hurricane risk atlas

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At the request of members of civil society on the island of Providencia, after Hurricane Iota, which in November 2020 destroyed more than 80% of the homes and infrastructure on the Colombian islands of Providencia, San Andrés, and Santa Catalina, they asked us workshops. We prepare some workshops and give them for free as video forums, to educate how to prevent and mitigate damage, to prepare them for the next hurricane season, as well as to teach them to rebuild with anti-hurricane building regulations. This workshop is given in two (2) sessions.

We prepared a brochure with highly summarized information on how to act in the face of hurricanes: before, during and after, so that you can easily download and share it in areas where the internet signal is precarious, such as the island of Providencia, Colombia at the time of storms.

May 2021 Workshop How to be Protected from Hurricanes

Session 1 Hurricane Safety

Session 2 Improving Coastal Hurricane Protection Creating Sustainable Development in the Process

We maintain an alliance between Fundación Providence, Itaca Solutions and the NGO Arca Tierra to promote the achievement of a schedule of activities on the island of Providencia, we are advising for the construction of shelters resistant to category 5 hurricanes

If you want to support this project or build category 5 hurricane-resistant shelters in your community or home, contact us by

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Category 5 Hurricane-Resistant Shelters

In view of the high interest in learning about our solutions in different languages, we have summarized the solutions presented in the Workshop How to be Protected from Hurricanes in an App called Stop the Hurricane, so that people can have the solutions at hand from their cell phones fast and free in Spanish and English.

Download and share the App Stop the Hurricane

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App Stop Hurricane

We invite you to know exactly our advisory services to carry out projects, based on a schedule of activities, to create security against natural disasters, rises in sea level, seawater seepage and create sustainable development in the process.

If you want to receive our advisory services to carry out the projects described in the presentation, adjusted to the needs of your home, company or region, fill out the form to find out exactly what you need.

We invite you to Learn

How to Contain Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons and Tornadoes in Our

Free Online Course

Available in Spanish and English

Bio Geoengineering Techniques to Reduce Typhoons,

Cyclones, Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Incendios Foestales
incendio forestal

Recommendations for Forest Fires

fuego salvaje

Forest fires are a constant in the face of global warming, which release large amounts of CO2 that aggravates climate change, a vicious circle that disappears 9.3 million hectares per year of forests and jungles worldwide, at this rate before 2050 it can that there are no longer natural reserves. 

The definitive solution is to absorb and reduce CO2 emissions, while this is happening, the NGO Arca Tierra has a proposal for the prevention and control of forest fires, to solve this problem.

The NGO Arca Tierra produced a video to present its proposal for the prevention and control of forest fires, to solve the problem of the high incidence of forest fires in jungles and forests, which we explain in the video How to Help Solve Climate Change? which is part of our video series Against Climate Change.


If you want to implement this proposal, we design projects according to the geographical area and the natural resources to be preserved. Request our advice!

In our online course and free text book evolution, available in Spanish and English, in its Air Quality Law section, we explain the mechanism for financing and developing sophisticated systems for the prevention, containment and extinction of forest fires with efficient technology and organization that will protect populations and ecosystems.

Políticas para un Desarrollo Sostenible.

Recommendations for Floods and Droughts

Caminar en el agua

The extreme climates resulting from climate change, makes many nations suffer from periods of extreme floods and droughts, the NGO Arca Tierra presents the gray-green project of a multipurpose and multifunction waterway for the efficient management of water resources to avoid floods and water scarcity, in a self-sustaining way that generates and stores drinking water and renewable energy.

In the free digital magazine How to Avoid Floods and Shortages, we illustrate why floods and water scarcity still take us by surprise, and how to solve these situations through a multipurpose and multifunction waterway, in urban, rural and coastal.

In view of the accelerated melting of the glaciers, we also include how to recover and conserve them, and integrate their runoff efficiently into the waterway, for optimal water management without contamination.

And how can we use these infrastructures to mitigate other natural disasters.

Help Spread the Magazine in Different Languages!

We gave a conference at the 8th International Water Congress, thanks to the invitation of the Prodti Foundation, we presented our proposals for efficient management of water resources. See templates of our dissertation by clicking on the button.

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We promote efficient water management in urban areas through the Sustainable Cities Project, in which all infrastructures, buildings and land routes generate and store drinking water and renewable energy, with bio skins that absorb CO2 and carbon status can be achieved neutral, in a smart city that generates sustainable development and equal opportunities to exercise human and environmental rights, with efficient urban planning.

In the face of the terrible floods in 2021 in Petrópolis, Brazil, we produced a short video to explain immediate solutions to this climate emergency.

Terremotos y Erupciones Volcánicas

Recommendations for Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions

Fotografía de paisajes

The variation in the distribution of the earth weight due to the melting of glaciers and the depletion of aquifers, together with the increase in temperatures due to the greenhouse effect, can influence the increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Therefore, we promote technologies to improve its prediction and increase the resistance of constructions and the speed of reconstruction, since in the world more than 14 million people a year are left homeless by natural disasters.

The magazine that will mark a milestone in the monitoring and prediction of geological disasters, with cutting-edge technologies and innovation. We will show you how catastrophes can be avoided through modern and innovative construction techniques and how to protect the magnetic field from climate change.

We invite you to watch the launch of the magazine Sounds of the Earth, a video explaining general aspects of its content

Until now, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are practically unpredictable, which is why we promote the development of sonic sensors and software to efficiently predict them.

We teach in our free online courses, thanks in part to an award from the National Geographic Society,how to mass-produce strong, economical materials and construction techniques to rebuild quickly, with sustainable buildings that will not collapse, integrated into smart and sustainable cities. 

Grandes Nevadas
Bosque Nevado

Recommendations Before Big Snowfalls

Salzburgo nevado, Austria

The great snowfalls have caused the collapse of many cities around the world and the detriment of fauna under these extreme conditions below zero. To mitigate this natural disaster, we urge the storage of snow and district energy based on microalgae to keep roads, cities, homes and animal shelters clear and with thermal comfort. among other solutions so that snowfalls do not collapse human activities, especially those that are critical to survival, such as food production and basic services.

In the free digital magazine How to Avoid Floods and Shortages, we illustrate how to store snow in wells and that the runoff from its melt is directed towardsa water road, to avoid the collapse of human activities due to snowfall and flooding.

How land roads can remain clear through wastewater treatment in microalgae photobioreactors and district power system, which keep homes heated without CO2 emissions.

We also explain how to recover and conserve glaciers and glacial lagoons.

We were invited to a conference of the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Chile, where it was stated that the main CO2 emissions come from residences for heating or cooling. We were also invited to propose a district energy system by the ONED National District Energy Office of Chile in 2021.

Faced with these needs, we proposed an efficient system, based on microalgae, that generates drinking water, biofuels and photovoltaic electricity, from modern municipal offices that in turn function as District Power Plants.

See more information on complex CO2 absorption and reduction projects, District Energy

Ver Vídeo de Nuestra propuesta de Energía Distrital

See Video of our District Energy proposal
(Titles in English)

Mesas de Trabajo de la ONG Arca Tierra

Request our advice to apply these solutions. Fill out the Form to find out exactly what you need!

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We Guide You How to Apply These Solutions in Your Region

We are Open Innovation Intermediaries, we evaluate, program and coordinate the application of these solutions.

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