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Organization and Models of Cities for Sustainable Development

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This course by extension is carried out through the reading of the  The textbook Organization and Models of Cities for Sustainable Development guides how to organize ourselves through an organizational model that integrates all sectors of society for the recovery and conservation of natural resources, solution of climate change, through quality controls to the transition of all human activities towards sustainability and sustainability, to build a pollution-neutral civilization with advanced technology, integration of nature into cities and buildings through bioarchitecture, considering population growth and migratory movements, so that sustainable cities grow at their own pace, capable of expanding just like a galaxy or a tree; designed for the consolidation of human and environmental rights without discrimination. As well as prevention, containment and rapid reconstruction in the face of natural disasters.

Table of Contents

Section 1
Natural Resources Organization
Class 1 Important Aspects of the Organization

Who is it?
Class 2 How will the Natural Resources Organization achieve the Transition towards a Sustainable Civilization Oriented to Solve Climate Change?

Departamento de Recursos Naturales Organigrama.jpg

Section 2
Organizational Model Aimed at the Consolidation of the
Human rights

Class 3 Goals of National, Continental and United Nations Organizations
Class 4 Sub-targets of National, Continental and United Nations Organizations
Bureau #7 Planning
Bureau 1 Ethics and Justice

Bureau #2 Registration and Publications
Bureau #3 Treasure
Bureau #4 Production
Bureau #5 Quality
Bureau #6 Public Relations

Class 5 Directorate of National Organizations,  Continental and United Nations

Calidad para un Desarrollo Sostenible.png

Section 3

Models of Sustainable Cities, Oriented to Consolidation  Human and Environmental Rights

Class 6 Urban Planning

Class 7. Models of Sustainable Cities of the NGO Arca Tierra

Class 8. Buildings for Each Main Road of the Sustainable City  Buildings in each Arm of the Galaxy City  Geographical Zones of the Sustainable City

Modelos de Ciudades Sostenibles.png


Patricia Rincón, specialist in data evaluation and strategic planning, advanced study and education techniques, awarded by the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, for the quality of the courses produced for the NGO Arca Tierra and its innovative proposals for the solution of climate change, disaster mitigation natural resources and expansion of humanity with quality of life through sustainable development.

National Geographic Society Patricia Rincón


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