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Consulting Services

To Innovate a Sustainable World

Note: We only provide consulting and training services to democratic nations, because we believe that the human right a  democracy is the cornerstone of other rights and sustainable development. Except consultancy for the transition to democracy and mitigation of natural disasters.


To Apply Solutions That Work

We offer non-profit advisory services, with highly qualified personnel, to develop innovations or to apply our innovative proposals to improve the quality of life with sustainable development.

We guide you to apply our innovative proposals with current cutting-edge technologies and management models, and to innovate considering our programs and projects, which improve the standards of quality of life and prosperity from all areas of society, while building sustainable development for the benefit of the planet and humanity. 

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We advise you on the following topics:

casa antihuracán

Sustainable Constructions

Cielos azules

Air Quality


Efficient Water Management

Puesta de sol en los paneles solares

Renewable energy

Estación de carga eléctrica

Green Electric Mobility.

Reciclaje de botellas de plástico

Practical and lucrative recycling

Abeja en una margarita

Environmental Conservation

Granja de vegetales hidropónicos

Sustainable Food

To make:

Green Home

We offer you the guide from the construction of new homes, or to reform homes so that they use cutting-edge technologies that will make your life easier, by reducing water and energy costs, with nature integrated into multifunctional landscaping and, if you wish, produce sustainable food. .

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Hogar Verde

Green Enterprises

We advise entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises, SMEs, large companies and industries, with the goal that all human activities are sustainable and more profitable, that instead of harming the environment, they help its recovery and that human and environmental rights are more accessible, with equal opportunities to exercise them.

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Consulting for Companies that want to Climb towards Sustainability

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Municipalities and Green Regions

Municipios y Regiones Verdes

We Offer Comprehensive Solutions with Urban Planning, for Rural Areas and Cities Oriented towards the Consolidation of Human and Environmental Rights to Democratic Governments and Continental Organizations

Proyectos de Desarrollo Sostenible.png

With the goal of creating a civilization capable of solving climate change, carbon neutral and without environmental pollution. we design Sustainable Development Programs based on geographical and environmental conditions and according to an atlas of natural disaster risks. 

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Sustainable Cities

We advise parishes, municipalities, governments, countries, and democratic continental organizations to make them carbon neutral and reduce environmental impact to make building a green gray building or infrastructure, like planting forests, generating clean water and air, powered by renewable energy .

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District Energy

We develop District Energy projects, a comprehensive system of various renewable energies and biomass sources based on microalgae; modern municipal buildings will serve   as stations that will generate water, electricity and biogas, with underground distribution

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Rural Development

Rural areas are generally the most underdeveloped areas, despite the abundance of resources, and usually the ones that produce the most. To put an end to this situation we make recommendations in this regard, so that they are prosperous with sustainable development.

Jardin Vertical ONG Arca Tierra

Recovery and Conservation of Ecosystems

We make recommendations to recover and conserve key natural resources to reverse climate change, including butterflies and bees. It is mentioned below.

Auroras boreales

Environmental Conservation of Key Natural Resources to Solve Climate Change

Vista desde la montaña
La investigación de ballenas
Abeja en una margarita
La hierba y Mar

Each of our 24 strategic plans are focused on conserving different natural resources, despite the fact that we are executing the Plan 1 The Climate, due to the global emergency of loss of nature at an abysmal speed, we advanced some of the activities of later plans, to recover and conserve jungles, forests, mangroves. glaciers, whales and oceans, bees, butterflies, wildflowers, grasslands and rivers, (watersheds) for the health of soils, air and water, vital for environmental conservation, the absorption and retention of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

Sustainable Development Programs

We carry out an evaluation of the situation of a city, state, country or continental region, in terms of quality of life, democracy, human and environmental rights, situation of ecosystems, natural resources and the atlas of natural disaster risks, to issue Programs of Sustainable Development adjusted to improve their situation in general or one in particular. Some of them are explained and mentioned below, classified according to geographical area, because it determines certain special environmental conditions.

Innovación y Estrategias de la ONG Arca Tierra


We Advise You to Innovate Our Technological and Management Proposals 

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Management for Sustainable Development

Organization and Sustainable Urban Planning

Biogeoengineering and Mitigation of Natural Disasters

Technologies to Reduce Environmental Pollution

Planetary Simulator and Weather Prediction

The achievement of the sub-goals of Plan 1 The Climate: Develop technological, administrative and management policy innovations to lay the foundations of a civilization capable of solving climate change, surviving natural disasters, recovering and conserving quality natural resources of life through sustainable development and equal opportunities to exercise human and environmental rights. 

Below we mention the innovations to be developed:


Goals of Plan 1 Climate


Climate Prediction System, Geological Events and Planetary Simulator

Sistema de Predicción del Clima.png
  • Solar drones that work from atmospheric buoys.

  • Electromagnetic spectrum imaging software.

  • Sound software, sonic ground sensors (ultrasound and doppler system settings) to monitor and predict volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI), to recognize patterns of images and sound.

  • Quantum storage in crystals

  • holographic projection.

  • Augmented Reality (AR),

  • Improved Human Computer Interaction (IPO)

  • Sonic Prediction System for Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions

  •  The previous innovations will be for the creation of a Climate Prediction System and a Planetary Simulator.

Technologies to Reduce Environmental Pollution

Incineradora de Residuos Ecológica.png
Reutilización Total.png
Salva a los Ecosistemas (1).png
  • Transform waste incinerators into bulk graphene factories.

  • Graphene crystal factories.

  • Bio architecture with microalgae and renewable energies for the absorption and reduction of CO2 emissions.

  • System for interiors free of viruses and bad odors, by improving ozonators, algae lamps and laser systems.

  • Improvement of photobioreactors for wastewater treatment.

  • Graphene crystal solar panel modular triangular parts factories 

  • Design of living sculptures of flowers and define on a world map where to install them to cover the migratory routes of butterflies and where the repopulation of bees is necessary.

  • Total reuse of waste, through a lucrative recycling system for the entire chain, starting from the home or company that separates its waste.

  •  Improvement of designs of water batteries, for the storage, distribution and use of renewable energies and integral treatment of residual waters for the efficient management of water resources of a water infrastructure.

  • Water batteries in mines 

  • Improvement of Blue Power Plants. 

  • Recovery of ecosystems, through soil and water conservation, reforestation with the use of fungi, wild flowers, butterflies and bees.

  • Development and installation of Systems for the absorption of CO2  from the atmosphere and the oceans in a self-sustaining way to help solve climate change and save the oceans.

  • Vertical Garden of the NGO Arca Tierra to produce food and/or to plant species to reforest.

  • Improvement of food production, conservation and distribution systems to make it sustainable.

  • Design of a rainwater collector for the NGO Arca Tierra.

  • Innovations for totally green mobility

  • Improvement of Desalination Plants.

  • Misting Systems for Thermal Comfort and Prevention of Forest Fires.

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Biogeoengineering and Mitigation of Natural Disasters

Dron y Esferas Geoingenieria.png
  • Anticyclone Natural Barriers

  • Drones and Atmospheric Buoys for the reduction of Typhoons, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Tornadoes

  • Storm Chasing Teams.

  • Reconstruction Before Natural Disasters.

  • Hurricane-Resistant Building Standards.

  • Pumping Systems and Aquifer Networks to Avoid Coastal Flooding.

  • Systems for the prevention and mitigation of natural disasters set forth in Natural Disaster Plans.

Organization and Sustainable Urban Planning

Modelos de Ciudades Sostenibles.png
  • Organization model adjustable to municipalities, states, countries and continental organizations for sustainable development and the continuous consolidation of human rights, without discrimination.

  • Management to achieve Gender Equity in a Decade.

  • Consolidation of democracies and citizen responsibility.

  • Quality Control Systems for the Transition of Human Activities towards sustainability.

  • Pollution Neutral and Sustainable Smart Cities.

  • Shelters for Displaced by Violence and Global Warming.

  • Urban planning designed for the respect of human and environmental rights, which grows at the rate of demographic growth and migratory movements. 

  • Cities: Tree, Globe and Galaxy.

Management for Sustainable Development

  • Gradient Scale between Surviving and Succumbing of Humanity.

  • Air quality.

  • Abolition of Modern Slavery

  • Management Framework for the Transition of Hydrocarbons towards Sustainability.

  • Global Pact for Environmental Protection.

  • Systems for the Protection of Forests, Jungles, Oceans and Indigenous Communities.

  • Systems to Improve the Prevention of Drug Consumption and make Rehabilitation more accessible

  • Crime Prevention and Reparative Justice

  • Transition to Democracy, design of democratic models adjusted to the culture of the country.

How Do We Help You Develop Innovations?

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Mesas de Trabajo de la ONG Arca Tierra

If you need advice to resolve an environmental or human rights situation through our innovative proposals, fill out the advice request form. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to review the details and the availability of dates and times to provide the advisory service.

We request donations per hour, according to international standards of environmental advice, the amount to donate is 100 dollars per hour, this rate is considered for being the first meeting, if our services continue to be required, a value will be established per package of hours at the week depending on the magnitude of the project. Our services are non-profit, by donating you will be helping us to advise low-income people.

If you are from a region with limited resources and need advice, fill out the form to reserve free hours, if you are from an NGO or Foundation with limited resources that wants to promote our projects, ask us to be 
allyyes y fill out the form alliances.

We only provide advice in nations with democracy, to have the viability of being able to promote sustainable development, except for advice for the mitigation of natural disasters or for the transition towards democracy.

Fill out the Form to know exactly what you need!

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