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Of Solutions That Work

We offer education services with the quality and innovation of our interdisciplinary pedagogical techniques and proposals for sustainable development, recognized by the National Geographic Society.

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Management for a sustainable development

Sustainable Urban Organization and Planning

Biogeoengineering and Natural Disaster Mitigation

Technologies to Reduce Environmental Pollution

Planetary Simulator and Climate Prediction

Strategy of Our Education

It is currently oriented to teach how to use cutting-edge technology and innovate to achieve the sub-goals of our strategic plan #1 The Climate and thus achieve its general goal:

Develop technological, administrative and management policy innovations to lay the foundations of a civilization capable of solving climate change, surviving natural disasters, recovering and conserving natural resources, with quality of life through sustainable development and equal opportunities to exercise human and environmental rights.

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Interdisciplinary Education Services

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We share free online courses, video classes, entertaining practices and their corresponding teaching materials, which teach how to innovate and use what is innovated, cutting-edge operation and management technologies for sustainable development.

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STEM Education

Teaching for the development, innovation and use of cutting-edge technologies that solve environmental problems and improve the quality of life.

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Architecture, administration, organization and management policies to be able to overcome today's environmental and human rights challenges.

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Didactic Materials

Textbooks and illustrated magazines in digital format, apps, TV series... That will help you understand and apply what you have learned from our online courses and how to deal with current situations.

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Natural Disaster Mitigation

Recommendations for organizing, effectively mitigating natural disasters and how to rebuild with safe buildings and infrastructures according to the disaster risk atlas.

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Personalized Training

We teach you to make changes to have sustainable development and help solve climate change

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Tailor Made Workshops

We summarize and adapt the solutions of our online courses to your needs, so that you can apply solutions for your sustainable development.

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Supervised Courses

If you want to do our online courses with the assistance of an instructor, you can request this service.

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Online Workshops

We regularly organize and/or participate in conferences, we give workshops to resolve specific environmental and human rights situations.

What Distinguishes Our Education?


Innovation and Expertise

Content Developed by our operations coordinator Patricia Rincón, awarded by the National Geographic Society for the quality of her education and innovative proposals to solve climate change.


Downloadable Materials

You will have access to the didactic material worked on in the workshop and others that will complement your learning


Supervision and Not Taking Dictation

Instead of having someone dictate, you will either learn on your own or a trained instructor will take you through a study guide.



If you wish, you can write to us for a week to inquire about the workshop, after which time you can request advisory services to carry out related projects.


Knowledge As A Tool



You will be able to put what you have learned into practice at the end of each course or workshop, with your initiatives and goals, or through counseling.

04         Virtual classroom

Academic focus, where you can study and practice in an entertaining way, in reading, elaboration of practices and online games.


Certificate and Bulletin

You will receive a digital certificate to your email address when you complete all the practices. If you wish, you will receive a monthly newsletter of our activities.

Start Empowering Yourself with the Knowledge to Make the Change the Planet Needs!
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