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Desarrollo Sostenible

Program # 4 Projects
Sustainable Development

We need to expand with sustainable development, recover deforested and decertified areas so that both humanity and nature can survive, because although it is true that we need nature now, she needs us to reverse global warming, we must absorb and reduce CO2 emissions , as well as recover natural resources affected by pollution and natural disasters.

We propose how to achieve it through sustainable development with quality of life and equal rights, recovering and conserving ecosystems.

To make sustainable development a reality, we provide consultancy and management services for the design and execution of projects and programs. We invite you to learn about our proposed projects and programs:

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Sustainable Development Programs

Programs that implement various projects


Simple Projects

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Organization Models for Sustainable Development

Guide for the design and establishment of the Department of Natural Resources, for the integration and citizen participation of all sectors of society to achieve the transition of human activities towards sustainability, solve climate change and mitigate natural disasters, at a national level. municipal, regional, national, continental and United Nations. As well as, a government model that integrates the Department of Natural Resources in a quality bureau, so that continuous improvement is possible in all its activities directed towards these goals of sustainable development, with prosperity and equal rights.

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Quality Standards for Sustainable Development

Formulation and implementation of quality standards that guide a company, public or private entity, municipality, region, country or continent towards the transition of human activities towards sustainability, promoting the continuous improvement of profitability based on the improvement of the environment. environment and respect for human and environmental rights without discrimination, that is, achieving that economic growth is promoted and that citizens have equal opportunities to exercise their rights, so that in this way the protection of the environment, quality of production, marketing and distribution processes, as well as the quality of life of citizens.

Gender Equality for a Sustainable Development without Discrimination

In most countries of the world, women are the most affected by the inequality of rights, which is why the NGO Arca Tierra promotes a set of laws and management policies, so that gender equality is possible in less than a decade. , through the consolidation of the rights to education, work and housing, which allow them to achieve economic independence, since women are marginalized to access these rights. We offer our advisory services to achieve gender equality in municipalities, regions, democratic countries and continents.


Complex Projects

DS Complejos
Ciudades Sostenibles.jpg

Transition of Existing Cities towards Sustainability

We program the necessary actions for the transition of existing cities towards sustainability, considering all actions related to renewable energy, buildings, transportation, total reuse of waste, efficient water management without water pollution, sustainable production and distribution of food, integration of nature into cities for the conservation of birds, butterflies and bees, recovery of ecosystems and desertified areas. Ensure that each building and infrastructure is carbon neutral, part of a smart city circuit that absorbs CO2 and emits oxygen, lighting, drinking water and renewable energy. With an urban planning oriented to the consolidation of human rights and the continuous improvement of the quality of life without discrimination.

Modelos de Ciudades de la ONG Arca Tierra.jpg

Construction of New Sustainable Cities

Experimental Project of our models of smart and sustainable cities, neutral carbon: Galaxy, Globe and Tree, where urban planning is focused on the consolidation of human and environmental rights, without discrimination and the continuous improvement of the quality of life, growth to the rate of demographic and migration growth.

We invite you to see our active Sustainable Cities campaign, which drives the transition of existing cities towards sustainability and the construction of new cities with our smart and sustainable city models.

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Sustainable Development Programs


We evaluate the situation of municipalities, states, countries, regions, continents... And we propose sustainable development programs, according to the environmental, geographical, social and economic reality, we advise to develop and use a set of technologies, administration and management specialized to achieve sustainable development through simple and complex projects that encompass several comprehensive solutions to the following problems:

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Air quality


Renewable energy


Green Transportation



Urban planification


Find out about our sustainable development programs that we promote according to geographical areas and those that we have proposed to various regions of the world. If you want to generate sustainable development, select the program you want to implement and request our advice.

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Sustainable Development Urban Areas

Ciudad como un Circuito.jpg

Sustainable Development Program in Urban Areas

This program is oriented to the execution of several simple and complex projects, of integral solutions, so that existing and new homes and cities are intelligent and carbon neutral, solving the main problems of urban areas, based on improving the quality of life. with sustainable development integrating nature into cities, help solve the expansion of humanity in a sustainable way, while these solutions in turn help solve climate change by reducing and absorbing CO2 emissions with biomimetic technologies and natural resources .

Build living, smart and sustainable homes and cities!

Sustainable Development Programs in Urban Areas that We Have Proposed to Different Cities of the World

Comuna La Florida Región Metropolitana

We invite you to watch a video summary of the Sustainable Development Program of Guayaquil, Ecuador:

Zona Urbana DS
Zona Rural

Sustainable Development Urban Areas

Producción y Distribución de Alimentos.jpg

Sustainable Development Program in Rural Areas

This program is oriented to the execution of several simple and complex projects, of integral solutions, so that rural areas produce organic food in a sustainable way, with greater profitability for farmers through improvements in technology, production processes, distribution and commercialization. Means to restore and conserve clean soil, water and air and the recovery of ecosystems as means for the generation of renewable energy and drinking water, to make these basic services accessible, in short, a set of comprehensive solutions to consolidate human and environmental rights in rural areas.

Build Sustainable Development in Rural Areas and Help Defeat Hunger!

Sustainable Development Programs in Rural Areas that We Have Proposed

We invite you to see our Sustainable Development Program for the Buin Commune,  in which we are currently working, support and spread this activity. 

Zona Desértica DS

Sustainable Development Urban Areas

Zonas Desérticas Desarrollo Sostenible.png

Sustainable Development Program in Desert Areas

This program is oriented to the execution of several simple and complex projects, of integral solutions, so that desert areas have abundant water availability, to quench thirst, organic food production and recovery of aquifers and desertified ecosystems. It is worth noting the importance of recovering aquifers, underground water sources, because their depletion, in addition to thirst, causes large masses of land to sink, which would generate dire consequences. Therefore, it is vital to carry out these solutions, technological innovation alternatives are also provided to generate thermal comfort and provide protection from sandstorms, since these environmental events are aggravated by global warming, high temperatures will be a challenge to overcome. Until we resolve it, through the absorption and reduction of CO2 emissions, our proposals execute these two actions to solve climate change, while improving the quality of life, with equal opportunities to exercise human and environmental rights.


Build Sustainable Development in Desert Areas to Defeat Water Scarcity!

Sustainable Development Programs in Desert Areas that We Have Proposed

We invite you to see our Sustainable Development Program for La Guajira, Colombia, California, United States

and the Sahel Strip, Africa.

La Guajira 2022

La Guajira 2022



Video Proposal for California, USA

Solutions to the World Crisis
Housing deficit

Strengthening the Great Green Wall of the Sahel Africa

La Gran Muralla Verde

La Gran Muralla Verde

Programa de Fortalecimiento de la Muralla Verde

The Green Wall

The Green Wall

Strengthening the Great Green Wall of the Sahel Africa

Solutions to Halt and Reverse Desertification in the Hunger Strip, The Sahel, Africa

Green Gray Mountain

In order to stop the advance of the Sahara and hunger in the Sahel, we designed the Montaña Verde Gris project, which will serve as an orographic barrier to facilitate the reforestation projects of the Great Green Wall, provide goods and services, to solve poverty, production of biofertilizers, means of job training, employment and sustainable food production...

Sustainable Development Urban Areas

Principales Zonas para la Recuperación, Conservación de Manglares e Instalación de Barrera

Sustainable Development Programs in Coastal Zones

This program is oriented to the execution of several simple and complex projects, of integral solutions, so that the islands and coastal areas have security against hurricanes, floods and other atmospheric phenomena that occur in these areas, while creating security, they also create sustainable development. , ensuring the availability of water with the recommendations made in the video of the series against climate change, How to Create Sustainable Development in Desert and Coastal Areas? Coupled with a schedule of specific activities to achieve comprehensive solutions, which are presented in our actions to mitigate natural disasters Stop the Hurricane. It is important to emphasize safety in the face of storms and hurricanes, since these extreme climates will become more recurrent and powerful as a consequence of global warming, until we resolve it, through CO2 emission absorption and reduction projects

Sustainable Development Programs in Coastal Areas that We Have Proposed

Sustainable Development Programs in Coastal Zones
what we have proposed

Asesoría a Zonas Costeras.png
Asesoría a Zonas Costeras.png
Zona Costera

Sustainable Development Urban Areas


Sustainable Development Programs in Indigenous Reserve Areas and Natural Resources

Desarrollo Sostenible Indígenas.png

Sustainable Development in Indigenous Communities

Bosque brumoso

Sustainable Development in Nature Reserves

This program is oriented to the execution of several simple and complex projects, of integral solutions, so that the key resources for the mitigation of climate change are conserved: forests, jungles, grasslands (savannas), glaciers, whales and oceans. The protection of indigenous reserves and of the residents who live within or in the vicinity of natural reserves, so that they obtain security and sustainable development with economic activities of environmental conservation and sustainable food.

Vista desde la montaña
La investigación de ballenas
Abeja en una margarita
La hierba y Mar

Sustainable Development Programs in Indigenous Reserve Areas and Natural Resources that We Have Proposed

Through the following video we explain our proposal to achieve sustainable development

In summary, with our proposals it will be possible for indigenous peoples and residents of natural reserve areas to conserve the environment, for the protection of the lungs of humanity, in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way, making both citizens take responsibility , to local and international authorities, through national and international management policies that reward conservation by assigning an economic value to measurements of CO2 absorption, oxygen emission and water purification per hectare or other unit of measures of natural resources conserved. So that the best economic activity to be carried out in nature reserves is conservation, in areas strategically determined as key to humanity's breathing so that they are preserved, because the economic burden of protecting these regions should not be at the expense of the poverty of indigenous people and residents. In this way, the breathing of present and future generations will be guaranteed, as well as the conservation of flora and fauna reserves to prevent their extinction and sustainable development in the region with respect for human and environmental rights without discrimination.


We invite you to learn about our management policies to achieve these projects, Air Quality and the World Environmental Protection Treaty, so we will first encourage them to be known and implemented, because otherwise, it will be uphill to safeguard these natural resources. essential for life on the planet.

Reservas Naturales e Indígenas DS

Education and Training to Develop the Innovations of This Program

Vídeo Cursos 09062021.gif

Online Course and Textbook: Organization and Model of Sustainable Cities

We educate how to achieve it in a free online course and book where we show you how to develop smart and sustainable cities, organizational model and effective environmental conservation actions, the transition of human activities towards sustainability that help solve climate change with prosperity, mitigate disasters natural resources and the consolidation of human rights without discrimination.

Capacitación a Distancia de la ONG Arca Tierra

Personalized Training

If you want to know the solutions for sustainable development tailored to your needs, request our personalized training service, whether for your home, company, municipality, state, country, continent...

Semana Internacional Contra el Cambio Cl

Video Series Against Climate Change

Video Series Against Climate Change

Entertaining video classes teach how to create sustainable development in homes, urban areas, rural areas, desert areas and coasts, in nature reserves. Watch this tv series. and help us spread our innovative proposals.

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Stop Hurricane App

The free app has tools to mitigate natural disasters related to hurricanes and how to build sustainable development on islands and coastal areas.

Mesas de Trabajo de la ONG Arca Tierra

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