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Stop the Hurricane!

Security and Sustainable Development of Islands and Coastal Zones 

The Stop the Hurricane app teaches you how to stop the destruction caused by hurricanes and start building sustainable development in three actions: 1. Know the Solutions 2. Apply the Solutions 3. Do and Support Projects.

This app was developed by the NGO Arca Tierra, our education and innovation techniques have been awarded by the National Geographic Society, we designed it especially for areas affected by hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones, to empower citizens with the knowledge and ability to apply what learned to help prevent and mitigate disasters creating sustainable development in the process, with successful actions collected around the world and our innovative proposals.

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Education Tools

Know the knowledge imparted by the App

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Schedule of activities

For safe coasts and sustainable development



Carry out projects to mitigate disasters with sustainable development

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Security and Sustainable Development of Islands and Coastal Zones 

What are the Main Functions of the App?

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It teaches how to prevent and mitigate damage from hurricanes and floods, protect and restore fauna and flora, how to build anti-hurricane buildings that resist category 5 hurricanes, in a sustainable city on islands and coastal areas, where floods are avoided, that production of food and basic services work despite the weather conditions. Teaches how to establish mangrove barriers on the coast and offshore to weaken the effects of hurricanes. It explains how to contribute to the absorption of CO2, emission of oxygen and reduce CO2 emissions through the generation and use of 100% renewable energy.

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Apply the Solutions

We urge you to practice interactively, to publish on a wall the problems of coastal areas with the respective solutions proposed in the app that they apply to solve them, to form work teams that are guided by the NGO Arca Tierra in the realization of a schedule of activities to achieve security and sustainable development.

Project Store

We encourage users to carry out and support projects for their benefit and donate to low-income coastal areas, so that they can use the solutions proposed in the app. We are currently promoting the donation of emergency bags and the construction of hurricane shelters.

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Where can you download this APP?

From the main app stores, from Amazon, Galaxy Store and PlayStore.

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Available Version in English and Spanish on Google Play

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Education Tools

The solutions recommended in the app are based on the following free online courses and books from the NGO Arca Tierra, thanks in part to an award from the National Geographic Society that was awarded to our president and instructor Patricia Rincón, for quality and innovation in our education.

Online Courses

Our Course #3

Systems to Purify Air and Water of Cities, the Atmosphere and the Oceans

It teaches you how to build buildings, infrastructure and systems for a smart and sustainable city in section #2.

Our Course #4

Geoengineering Techniques to Reduce Typhoons, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Tornadoes

This course guides you how to develop geoengineering techniques using natural resources and sustainable technologies to  reduce atmospheric and oceanic pollution, recover and conserve natural resources, and reduce the intensity of hurricanes.

Our Course #5

Organization and Models of Cities for Sustainable Development

You will learn to organize yourself so that smart and sustainable cities are built through participatory democracy, with urban planning aimed at guaranteeing equal human and environmental rights.


Systems to Purify Air and Water of Cities, the Atmosphere and the Oceans

Organization and Models of Cities for Sustainable Development

Workshops and Brochures

At the request of the inhabitants of the island of Providencia, which was devastated by Hurricane Iota in November 2020, we developed a workshop and teaching material, available in our Natural Disasters section, our app was designed on this workshop to make it more accessible and practical this essential knowledge for islands and coastal areas.

Workshop How to be Protected from Hurricanes

In two sessions taught through two (2) videos in live stream and presentations in PDF format, we teach how to create safe zones from hurricanes with sustainable development.

Herramientas de Educación

Schedule of activities

The NGO Arca Tierra designed a schedule of activities to achieve safety in coastal areas and islands against tropical storms and floods, while building sustainable development.

In our App Stop the Hurricane the activities are explained, in general this schedule of activities consists of:

Timeline 1.png
Timeline 2.png
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The main activities of this schedule to mitigate and reduce the risks of hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons are: 5) Reforestation of Coastal Mangroves and 6) Offshore Mangrove Barriers, because in addition to mitigating them they would serve as protection barriers against these storms, Because they create high pressure systems that repel tropical storms, we therefore consider bio-geoengineering to be viable to keep coasts protected from strong storms. And if these were built in strategic places they would keep continents safe.


Below we present a sketch of a map of the main areas where they would be located in America, although it should be noted that for the establishment of mainly offshore mangrove barriers, it would be necessary to carry out studies of oceanography, marine biology, meteorology, among others, to determine its ideal location, which does not affect reefs, but on the contrary favors marine life, due to its innumerable benefits of absorption and reduction of pollution of the atmosphere and the seas, of providing shelter and food to birds and marine life and of oxygenate the waters. Later we will make sketches for the rest of the world.  We offer open innovation services, to coordinate specialists, public and private entities to carry out these and all the activities of the schedule.

Principales Zonas para la Recuperación, Conservación de Manglares e Instalación de Barrera

We invite you to know exactly our advisory services to carry out the activities of the schedule, create security against natural disasters, rises in sea level, seawater seepage and create sustainable development in the process.

Asesoría a Zonas Costeras.png
Asesoría a Zonas Costeras.png

Consulting Request

If you wish to receive our advisory services to make this schedule of activities adjusted to the needs of your home, company or region, fill out the form to know exactly what you need.


Volunteer Work Teams of the NGO Arca Tierra

We invite the inhabitants of countries with democracy, to create work teams,  which consists of a group of volunteers from the NGO Arca Tierra to promote the realization of this schedule of activities, from the international office located in Chile we will guide you step by step, until you can create an office in your region.

Work Team.png

Fill out the Form to start executing the schedule of activities in your region!


Project Buy and Donate Emergency Bags

We want you and the sectors most vulnerable to disasters and with limited resources to be prepared, more than 70% of the population does not have an emergency bag despite living in areas at risk of natural disasters, that is why we are committed to the sale of emergency bags and at the same time obtain the donation of these key bags for survival, which we will send to the coastal areas of America.


Next, we show you our models of emergency bags that you can buy for yourself and donate to low-income coastal areas that face the risk of hurricanes. Just choose one of the donation options that will be displayed and fill out the order form.


Be Prepared and Help Others Be Prepared! When you buy a bag you will donate one.

Emergency Bags Models:
A, B and C

Bag Model A.png
Bag Model B.png
Emergency Bag Model C.png
Donaciones de Bolsos de Emergencia Hoja Resumen.png
bolsos donaciones.jpeg
Emergency Bag Donation 2.jpg

If you want to buy and donate other amounts, contact us at We will respond as soon as possible. Shipping costs for your emergency bag purchased from the donor will be borne by the donor. For the shipment of the donated emergency bags, the NGO Arca Tierra will look for donated means of transportation if they exceed the contemplated logistical costs. (Note the bags may vary in price according to inflation adjustments)

Shelters Project

The NGO Arca Tierra promotes the construction of shelters resistant to category 5 hurricanes and floods, for family units or for neighborhood associations with the capacity to shelter at least 30 - 60 people in the event of a hurricane warning, to be built with construction techniques sustainable and fast, to be installed in strategic locations according to geography and demographic indices.

We are currently promoting a Prototype Shelter for the island of Providencia, Colombia in alliance with the Providence Foundation and Itaca Solutions. If you want to support this project, write to us at

Shelters for families.png

Project Protection and Recovery of Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems in a Sustainable Way

The NGO Arca Tierra promotes the construction of vertical greenhouses, which function as a biofactory, producing centers of valuable resources, which do not generate waste or impact the environment and do not consume energy of fossil origin because they produce their own energy to function. The   three (3) greenhouses built with microalgae bio walls, will generate lighting, photovoltaic energy, absorb CO2 and emit oxygen and   will produce the following valuable resources:

- Microalgae Sowing Greenhouse: it will contain spiral bioreactors for microalgae sowing and wastewater treatment, to be able to produce drinking water, biomass, biogases and biofuels. The residues will be used to feed the fish in the aquaponic greenhouse and for other agro-industrial uses.

- Aquaponics Greenhouse: combination of hydroponics and aquaculture for planting mangroves, seagrasses and cucumber fish, key to the recovery of marine ecosystems, mitigation of climate change and protection of islands and coasts from strong winds and waves.

- Botanical Garden Greenhouse: for the planting and protection of the endemic flora of the region, which serve as an anti-hurricane refuge for fauna in danger of extinction due to the hurricane alert.

If you want to carry out this project in your region, write to us at

Food Production Project

We develop projects for the production of organic food in a biofactory-style system, where raw materials, renewable energies and water reuse are produced, without CO2 emissions, CO2 would be absorbed and oxygen would be released. The production of vegetables, greens, shellfish, molluscs and fish would be done through aquaponics techniques, which allows these systems to be installed in places where the soils are infertile or where the availability of land and water is scarce. We propose a model with current technologies integrated and improved in a complex of domes, which resist hurricanes, floods, fires and earthquakes, to ensure food under any conditions.


Micro-watershed Protection and Recovery Project

We develop projects for the recovery and conservation of micro-basins, for the efficient management of water resources, soil and vegetation, which allow sustainable development, through the execution of local economic activities in a sustainable and self-sustaining way. The main axis of this project is the water battery, described in our projects for the absorption and reduction of CO2 emissions , in the advice section . The size and complexity of the project can vary depending on the resources available. We are currently advising the island of Providencia, Colombia to carry out this project, with limited resources. 

If you want to carry out one or more of these projects, request our advice!

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Proyectos Stop Hurricane

Start Stopping Hurricanes!

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