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Program #5
Management Policies for Sustainable Development


Program #5
Management Policies for Sustainable Development

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The number of people displaced by violence due to impunity for crimes against humanity and global warming increases dizzyingly daily, more than 110 million people have been forced to leave their homes, it is predicted that more than half of the world would be migrating in the not too distant future.


Impunity for criminal states that commit state terrorism and international drug terrorism, democracies have disappeared. What would happen if there are no democratic countries that receive them or with sufficient resources to give them refuge?

The hydrocarbon-based economy is unsustainable both because of pollution and the lack of profitability caused by the difficulty of accessing depleting oil reserves or because oil-producing nations have been kidnapped, such as Syria and Venezuela, by narco-terrorist tyrannies or have been invaded, as is the case of Ukraine, for energy control, with holodomor and genocide with impunity.


Air pollution is the eighth leading cause of death in the world, more than 80% of the world's population in cities breathe air that is harmful to health.

The sixth cause of death is environmental pollution, slashing and burning depletes the emission of oxygen and absorption of C02, currently we have little breathable air and if it continues like this, the generations of a not too distant tomorrow will not be able to breathe.



This program proposes 4 management policies to establish the management standards that will allow nations, continental organizations and the United Nations to solve these problems, to move towards the achievement of a free, just and prosperous world, where nations respect human and environmental rights, without discrimination, working continuously with citizen responsibility in its consolidation, a sustainable economy is promoted, that is, supply and demand of sustainable goods, products and services, the transition of direct and indirect economic activities of hydrocarbons is promoted towards activities sustainable economic, especially energy and air quality is guaranteed with the reduction and absorption of CO2, in carbon neutral civilizations. The key natural resources are conserved to at least guarantee the breathing of future generations until 2050. We describe how to develop these policies in our online course Management Policies for Sustainable Development.


In the following video we briefly show you what these management policies consist of and we invite you to learn about the projects that we currently advise on their execution to make these management policies a reality.

Projects Menu

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Consolidation of Security, Democracies, Human and Environmental Rights

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Air Quality Based on a Prosperous and Sustainable Economy

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Substitution of Hydrocarbons by Renewable Energies
and Sustainable Products

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Recovery and Conservation of Key Natural Resources to Solve Climate Change

Menú Proy Politicas

Projects Related to the Consolidation of  Security, Democracies, Human and Environmental Rights

Seguridad Democracia DDHH
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Reform of the United Nations

In order to promote the evolution of humanity towards the continuous consolidation of human and environmental rights without discrimination, compliance with international treaties on environmental protection and the fight against climate change, as well as other key agreements for the survival of our species and the planet, we propose a points system that evaluates the situation of each country in these issues, to establish sanctions and prizes as appropriate, which motivates nations to compete for the continuous improvement of the quality of life standards of their citizens, in prosperous democracies with sustainable development. We offer education and advice for the implementation of this points system in continental organizations and in the United Nations.

We offer education and  advisory  for the implementation of this point system in continental organizations and in the United Nations. 

Active Projects in which You Can Participate

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Proy Calidad del aire

Management Policy for Air Quality

Projects Related to Management Policies to Promote the Reduction of CO2 Emissions, Recovery of Natural Resources and the Development of a Sustainable Economy

The NGO Arca Tierra evaluated the reasons why the CO2 emission reduction quotas are not reached and found a way to achieve them in less time until they become carbon neutral nations, through a complete system of rewards and sanctions. to reduce and absorb CO2 emissions, recover and conserve natural resources and promote a sustainable economy, without slavery, based on the supply and demand of sustainable products, goods and services that will lead to sustainable development in democracy. It is a complete system, because requiring the reduction of CO2 emissions by itself does not ensure that it will be achieved, so we recommend its implementation at the national, continental and United Nations levels.

We offer Advice for the Use of this Air Quality System at Different Scales:

We invite you to watch our T.V. Red Alert The Earth, the episode Toxic Air, Slavery and Slave Economy, you will learn about these problems, their causes and solutions, watch and share this video.

Act Now!

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Sign Petition for Air Quality Management Policy

We offer you education and advice for the implementation of this system of rewards and sanctions for air quality.

Projects Related to Replace Hydrocarbons and their Derivatives with Renewable Energies

and Sustainable Products

Proy Sustituc Hidrocarburos

Management policy that will promote and facilitate in a gradient and with prudential times, the transition of the hydrocarbon and coal industries to be industries of sustainable activities, such as the production of renewable energies that instead of contaminating will absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and from the oceans, through geothermal plants, solar plants with microalgae solutions; production of raw materials based on carbon and graphene, very useful for different industries, to replace products that were obtained from hydrocarbons, such as tires, plastics, among others.

In our Evolution textbook and online course we teach how to develop this management policy and enforce it.

We offer advice to the oil, coal, gas and derivatives industries, so that they improve their profitability through ecological processes and designs, sustainable goods and services, that work as biofactories, so that they are part of a successful and prosperous circular economy. . Below, we mention some of the projects we promote:

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Request Our Advice!

We offer personalized training and advice for the implementation of this management policy for the transition from a hydrocarbon economy towards sustainability. Training and consultancy for carrying out the aforementioned projects on this web page and in our Evolution textbook.

Proy Tratado de Protecc del Medio Ambiente
Osos polares

Projects Related to World Treaty for Environmental Protection

Establish the amounts of natural resources that we need so that flora, fauna and humanity can survive, establishing the amount of natural resources to be conserved, with the assistance of a planetary simulator, to guarantee at least the breathing of generations until 2,050 , through a World Environmental Protection Treaty.

In our textbook and online course Evolution we teach how to develop this management policy and have it applied.

We offer personalized training and advice to draft the World Environmental Protection Treaty together with the Intergovernmental Group on Climate Change (IPCC) with the assistance of the Planetary Simulator proposed by the NGO Arca Tierra, (described in our Program # 1) or, failing that, the one developed by the Copernicus program of the European Union, to establish the key resources with their locations to guarantee that the lungs of the planet continue to function for the breathing of future generations.

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We recommend Recovering and Conserving Key Natural Resources

to Solve Climate Change

Vista desde la montaña
La investigación de ballenas
Abeja en una margarita
La hierba y Mar

In All Our Sustainable Development Programs We Integrate the Recovery and Conservation of Ecosystems

Glacier Conservation

In our free magazine, "How to Avoid Floods and Shortages" we explain how to recover and conserve alpine glaciers.

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Mesas de Trabajo de la ONG Arca Tierra

Request Our Advisory Services!



Develop with our guide one or several projects of this program

Fill out and send us the Advice Request Form!

Didactic Materials

In order to educate for the consolidation of democracies, human and environmental rights, the NGO Arca Tierra has produced different free educational materials, we invite you to read and disseminate them, so that we make the evolution of humanity towards increasingly better living standards a reality. with a sustainable development and economy.

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