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Help Make The Changes The World Needs!

We work for you and the planet with powerful and innovative solutions for effective climate action and human rights activism.

We empower you to make the change for a better life for you and the planet.

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Help make the changes the world needs!


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Why donate to the NGO Arca Tierra?

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Because we know what changes we need to make and how to make them. Lay the foundations for a sustainable civilization, capable of resolving climate crises, mitigating natural disasters, conserving and recovering ecosystems with innovative proposals, awarded by the National Geographic Society, from our strategic plan Climate

You will help to consolidate democracies so that citizens can exercise human rights as benefits and duties in a participatory democracy, to improve the quality of life. We consider democracies essential to achieve sustainable development.

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Learn about all our activities carried out in the years 2016-2023  and our outstanding interventions with the National Geographic Society, Climate Promise
of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) of Chile and Colombia,  International Water Congress, Environmental Education Congress (brings together more than 50 Environmental Education Organizations from Latin America) the Green Chamber of Commerce, Add Your Action for the Climate (Chile), among others...



Actividades Anuales
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Both your organization and ours work for the same:Save the Earth!


We need allies to disseminate and jointly carry outactivities. We invite you to establish alliances in the following action frameworks:


Help us reach more students for open education, STEM and Management for sustainable development


We accept invitations from exhibitors, co-organizers and strategic allies, at events


We bring together communities, public and private entities, to form committees for the execution of projects


Support the realization of specific projects for your region. Look at our projects

Join our network of allies!

Fill out the following form to request an alliance, later we will send you a Cooperation and Articulation Framework Agreement.

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