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We work for you and the Planet
With Powerful and Innovative Solutions

About us

We are a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), environmentalist and human rights activist, of public benefit, non-profit, international, registered in Chile, dedicated to innovating, evaluating and planning solutions for sustainable development, educating how to develop our powerful and innovative proposals, advising on their application . and making them a reality through project management.


Solve climate change, mitigate natural disasters, and achieve the expansion of humanity with quality of life through sustainable development and equal rights, with the execution of 24 strategic plans


The Earth in good condition and humanity expanding on the planet and solar system with sustainable development and equal rights. 


How We Work?

We work with strategic planning, to fulfill our mission, we disseminate and execute the powerful innovative solutions of our 24 Strategic Plans and Natural Disaster Plans, and we achieve their goals through education, innovation, consulting, project management and activism. We are currently working on achieving the goals of our Plan 1 Climate.

What plans are we currently working on?

Protesta climática
Protesta climática

Plan 1 Climate

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Management for a sustainable development

Sustainable Urban Organization and Planning

Technologies and Nature to Reduce Environmental Pollution

Biogeoengineering and Natural Disaster Mitigation

Planetary Simulator and Climate Prediction

Make the changes we need to lay the foundations for a civilization capable of solving climate change, surviving natural disasters, recovering and conserving natural resources, with quality of life through sustainable development and equal human and environmental rights.

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Natural Disaster Plans
(Click on the image to see more)

Organización ante Desastres Naturales

How to Get Organized

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Typhoons, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Tornadoes

incendio forestal

Forest fires


Floods and Droughts

Fotografía de paisajes

Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions

Bosque Nevado

Big Snowfall


Some Achievements


National Geographic Society Patricia Rincón

Innovations Award

National Geographic Society (NGS) awarded the quality of our education and innovative proposals and we shared content with the NGS network of educators.

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Projects with Communities

We integrate communities to make changes, we empower them by educating them, advising them and helping them execute projects aligned with our mission.

Grupo de estudiantes de Smilling

More than 10,000 Benefited Students

From our online courses, books
free text and magazines, in workshops
online and in person, online advice and
ecological tips in our networks

And many other achievements, and participation in international conferences, such as Climate Promise of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) of Chile and Colombia, International Water Congress, Environmental Education Congress (Brings together more than 50 Education Organizations Environmental of Latin America) the Green Chamber of Commerce, Suma Tu Acción por el Clima (Chile), among others...


Learn about all our activities carried out in the years 2016-2023

Actividades Anuales

Know Our History


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Make Your Donation Now!

Send your donation by different means of payment, through the reliable Western Union platform, make a bank transfer in the name of  NGO Arca Tierra RUT 65.195.204-2, Santiago Chile. State Bank Vista Account #21470082612 BIC or SWIFT Code: BECHCLRM


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