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Program # 2 Projects

Systems to Reduce and Absorb CO2 Emissions, Purify the Air and Water of the Cities, the Atmosphere and the Oceans


To solve climate change we need to absorb and reduce CO2 emissions, improve air quality and prevent viruses from collapsing development. Reduce pollution both in the atmosphere and in the oceans and preserve ecosystems, based on key elements, such as bees and butterflies, so that the planet can preserve life as we know it now, solve water scarcity, hunger and poverty, in short, to improve the quality of life of humanity and ecosystems.



This program promotes projects for the development of various technologies that work together with nature, to improve virus-free outdoor and indoor air quality, without contaminating water and soil, and save the oceans through biomimetic technologies, which absorb CO2 and release oxygen, purify the atmosphere, and can mitigate toxic, bioweapon, and chemical gases.

We discover how to make the integration of nature into cities profitable, with the functionality of generating and storing renewable energy and clean water.  


In this program, the projects are oriented to develop the components of sustainable urban and rural areas, without pollution, that contribute to the solution of global warming, achieve the total reuse of waste, save the oceans, recover ecosystems, achieving in the process poverty and zero hunger.

If you are a student, professional, businessman or from a public or private entity and you want to develop any of the projects mentioned below, fill out and send us the advisory request form, we offer you a guide for the development of innovations as intermediaries of open innovation and project management.

Select the project you want to work on to make it happen!

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Espacios Seguros del COVID19.png

Interiors Safe from Pollution, Viruses and Biological or Chemical Weapons


Absorption and Reduction of CO2 Emissions in Urban and Rural Areas

Proyectos de Desarrollo Sostenible.png

Complex Projects Involving Several Developments


Save the Oceans

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Interiores Seguros

Projects Menu

Espacios Seguros del COVID19.png

Interiors Safe from Pollution, Viruses and Biological or Chemical Weapons

Absorption and Reduction of CO2 Emissions in Urban and Rural Areas

Teach the successful actions in the world used in health, for the prevention and treatment of viruses.

Installation of systems that purify indoor air and water through the use of successful current technologies, with the improvement of integrating them into a single space, such as ozonation,  blinds, lamps and/or microalgae photovoltaic panels and laser beams, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and any other virus or other biological or chemical weapon that is released. 

Watch video the Project to Create Virus-Safe Interior Spaces in Subway Stations


Investigation and Justice in the Face of Scientific Evidence that COVID-19 Was Created in the Laboratory

Hong Kong virologist Li-Meng Yan demonstrated that COVID-19  is of artificial origin, claims it was created in a Chinese laboratory, in addition to other allegations of negligence in containing the virus and investigations of United States and Great Britain that traced its origin to the laboratory in Wuhan China. The NGO Arca Tierra demands an international investigation and the application of justice in the face of this alleged global genocide. We even demand that the Chinese authorities collaborate in the investigation. If they continue to deny this compelling evidence, it would be necessary to question whether the Chinese regime has the full responsibility.

We also urge the international community to adopt measures and policies that monitor virus experimentation. In these investigative, justice, and policy development efforts, the other derivative strains of COVID-19 are also considered, to determine whether the laboratory-created virus evolved as quickly or other strains were created.

We invite you to read the report on the chronology of events published in our blog and in the following video of our TV series Red Alert La Tierra

If you are interested in any of these projects, fill out and send us the following form!

Absorción y Reducción CO2 Projects

Projects Related to the Absorption and Reduction of CO2 Emissions  in Urban and Rural Areas

Simple Projects

​Simple projects are those that involve the development of a single innovation,
for a specific function.

Incineradora de Residuos Ecológica.png

Ecological Waste Incinerators for the Production of Bulk Graphene

Design, installation and commissioning of waste incinerators for the generation of electricity and production of graphene in bulk, which do not emit CO2 into the atmosphere or toxic ashes.  The advisory service is offered to adjust current incinerators and for the construction of new incinerators.

Piezas Modulares de Grafeno

Factory of Graphene and Microalgae Modular Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Design, installation and commissioning of factories of modular parts for the construction of new buildings or to adjust to the facades of existing buildings, photovoltaic panels of microalgae and graphene glass, with new technologies to be developed and 3D and 4D printing.

service is offered open innovation intermediaries For their develpment.

Bio fachadas.png

Bio Facades with Current Technologies

Management of gray-green construction projects, with the combination of different technologies that currently exist based on microalgae, so that existing and new constructions use bio photovoltaic facades, for CO2 absorption, oxygen emission, lighting generation and of solar energy, for district energy systems and electricity supply, which will help reduce CO2 emissions and treat wastewater. 

Fotobiorreactores Compactos.png

Compact Microalgae Photobioreactors for Residential Wastewater Treatment

Design, installation and commissioning of compact photobioreactors with current technologies for wastewater treatment.

Siembra de Microalgas.png

Planting of Microalgae, Wastewater Treatment Plant and Renewable Energy Plant for Residential and Industrial Use

Design, installation and commissioning of domes for the sowing of microalgae, wastewater treatment and renewable energy through photovoltaic energy, biogas and biofuels, which will function as a biofactory that will generate surplus raw materials for forestry industries and agri-food.

Recolector Aguas Lluvia.png

Rainwater Collectors with Various Technologies

Design, installation and commissioning of different models of rainwater collectors, depending on the residential, industrial or infrastructure building, which in addition to collecting rainwater will be capable of absorbing CO2, emitting oxygen, lighting and photovoltaic and/or wind energy according to the geographical conditions.

Invernaderos Verticales.png

Vertical Greenhouses for  Produce and Process Food or to Recover Ecosystems with Improved Current Technologies

Design, installation and commissioning of vertical botanical gardens for the recovery of ecosystems or for the production of food through aquaponics, which save land and water and function as a biofactory, using treated water and renewable energy generated by the complex domes and the total reuse of waste. Adjustable to different geographies.

Procesamiento de Alimentos.png

Food and Beverage Processing for Malnutrition and Emergency Cases.

Product design, design, installation and commissioning of domes for the processing of pyre-based food, of high nutritional value to solve malnutrition and for food reserves in case of emergencies.

Invernadero Vertical ONG Arca Tierra.png

Vertical Greenhouses with New Technologies

Design, installation and commissioning of the vertical garden model of the NGO Arca Tierra, through the integration of improved and new technologies for the construction of buildings and improvement of the yield of crops. Adjustable for any geographic condition, even desert.

Planta Desalinizadora.png

Improved Desalination Plant

Design, installation and commissioning of a desalination plant improved with available technologies, especially graphene and microalgae, adapted to function as a hydroelectric, capable of generating fresh drinking water and electricity. Its process will work as a biofactory, the salt and mineral residues will be used to return the nutrients it needs to the oceans, it will work with the rule of returning decontaminated water to the oceans and with the minerals extracted in the desalination process, for its self sustainability can be accompanied by a blue power plant and be connected to a water battery.

Salva a los Ecosistemas (1).png

Recovery of Ecosystems with Landscaping and Conservation of Butterflies, Birds and Bees

Design, installation and commissioning of a vertical garden with the technologies available or to be developed, to integrate nature into the city and the installation of flower sculptures. You can get advice on the construction of a garden, but the project we are promoting is the installation of gardens along the migratory routes of butterflies.

If you are interested in any of these projects, fill out and send us the following form!

Proyectos Complejos PGM2

Projects Related to the Absorption and Reduction of CO2 Emissions  in Urban and Rural Areas

Complex Projects

Green gray projects of integral solutions to solve environmental and socio-economic problems, for sustainable development with equal rights, adjusted to the situations to be solved in urban and rural areas with technologies that absorb and reduce CO2 emissions, generate renewable energies, improve the soil, air and water quality, help to recover and conserve ecosystems.


Water Battery

Design, construction and commissioning of a water battery, consisting of networks of underground and surface water sources, integrated into wastewater treatment systems, desalination plants (if applicable), rainwater collectors, mist and different sources of renewable energies, photovoltaic, wind, blue energy, hydroelectric... Renewable energies selected according to geography, for storage and distribution. Designed for efficient management of water resources to prevent flooding and water scarcity. Facilitating the solution to poverty by making basic services accessible, affordable and profitable, in a sustainable way.

Reutilización Total.png

Total Waste Reuse

Design, installation and operation of a lucrative recycling system, through the creation of a chain of collection, distribution and commercialization of recycling material, where residences and industries that collect waste are paid for the waste classified in the containers supplied and managed by collecting companies. To this recycling system it is recommended to integrate the ecological waste incineration plants, described in simple projects.

Transporte Eléctrico.png

Expansion of Electric Transportation

With the provision of a water battery, the storage and distribution of renewable energy will make the expansion of cars and electric public transport and the construction of energized roads feasible, to reduce costs of electric transport, increase access to new fast charging technologies, electric cars and electromagnetic trains for the transport of people and cargo. Especially to improve the transport of food from rural areas at a lower cost and with greater speed and efficiency.


Shelter in Case of Natural Disasters

Design, installation and commissioning of domes, with the technologies available or to be developed from the proposals of the NGO Arca Tierra that resist natural disasters according to the risk atlas, to serve as entertainment centers, cultural and religious activities... Where food, equipment and utensils are stored for emergencies and in case of an eventuality they can be enabled as shelters for natural disasters. We are currently promoting hurricane resistant shelters see in the Stop the Hurricane active campaign. The idea is that shelters are arranged according to locations and demographic indices. We are providing advisory services to the island of Providencia, Colombia in this regard.

Refugios Sostenibles .png

Shelter for Displaced by Violence and Climate Change

Design, installation and start-up of our Sustainable Refuge model, with the technologies available or to be developed from the proposals of the NGO Arca Tierra, which are self-sustaining and function in a democratic system, administered and operated by the refugees with border security and UNHCR internal Refugees will have sources of employment and will receive training in technology and administration for sustainable development, as well as citizenship education and responsibility for the consolidation of human and environmental rights, so that they contribute to their strengthening in the nations that receive them and in their country. of origin when they can return. We are currently running crowdfunding campaigns to empower refugees to create sustainable development. See more

District Energy

See Video of Our District Energy Proposal

See Video of Our District Energy Proposal
(titles in English)

We develop District Energy projects, a comprehensive system of various renewable energies and biomass sources based on microalgae that can generate different fuels, such as: biogas, oils, biohydrogen, among others, to be used in substations and photobioreactor thermal power plants. microalgae for heating and cooling.


It is a system that integrates all buildings and infrastructures, which can function with microalgae photobioreactor substations, which are capable of fulfilling the function of wastewater treatment and biomass production to be used in the production of biogas, useful for heating systems in winter and electrical supply for cooling systems in summer. The building with bio-facades of microalgae solar panels will absorb CO2 and emit oxygen to contribute to the quality of the city's air.


The biogas generated, or if they prefer to maintain the old hot and cold water system, will be transported underground, the surplus of renewable energy and drinking water will be stored and distributed in a water battery, a pumped power station that will have various waterfalls and hydroelectric, in underground aquifers and where possible on the surface through waterfalls, rivers and lakes, for the generation of hydroelectricity, storage and distribution of different sources of Non-Conventional Renewable Energies (ERNC) that occur in the town.


The thermal central stations, will consist of large-scale microalgae photobioreactors, will be connected to the substations as backup systems to supply them, if necessary during hours of high consumption, will be located in offices of the Municipality, built with state-of-the-art technology, located in the main areas of the municipality. This system has the potential for sustainable energy efficiency to supply 100% of the energy consumption of the area where it is installed.

Recovery of Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems

We develop projects for the recovery and conservation of marine and terrestrial ecosystems, adjusted to geographic conditions, natural disaster risk atlas, local resources and needs, especially to protect flora and fauna from natural disasters. These projects consist of a complex of domes, designed and built with available technologies and/or to be developed by the NGO Arca Tierra.

See Video of Our Proposal to Recover Ecosystems in Islands and Coastal Areas Affected by Hurricane Risks

Recovery and Conservation of Micro-basins

We develop projects for the recovery and conservation of micro-basins, for the efficient management of water resources, soil and vegetation, which allow sustainable development, through the execution of local economic activities in a sustainable and self-sustaining way. The main axis of this project is the water battery, described in the Simple Projects section, its size and complexity may vary depending on the available resources. We are currently advising the island of Providencia, Colombia to carry out this project, with limited resources.  

Food Production Project

We develop projects for the production of organic food in a biofactory-style system, where raw materials, renewable energies and water reuse are produced, without CO2 emissions, CO2 would be absorbed and oxygen would be released. The production of vegetables, greens, shellfish, molluscs and fish would be done through aquaponics techniques, which allows these systems to be installed in places where the soils are infertile or where the availability of land and water is scarce. We propose a model with current technologies integrated and improved in a complex of domes, which resist hurricanes, floods, fires and earthquakes, to ensure food under any conditions.

We invite you to read our proposal for some Chilean cities affected by the serious situation of polluted air aggravated by thermal inversion, applicable solutions in other cities that suffer from this problem.

Proyecto Absorción y Reducción de CO2 para la Mejora de la Calidad del Aire Chile.png
CO2 Absorption and Reduction Project to Improve Air Quality Chile .png

CO2 Absorption and Reduction Systems Project to Improve Air Quality in Cities

The general goal of this project is the execution of actions to absorb and reduce CO2 emissions and emit oxygen for air quality through biomimetic technologies, integration of nature into cities and energy efficiency.

This is the general goal, despite the fact that our Air Quality management policy guarantees the transition of human activities towards a sustainable economy and development with 100% use of Non-Conventional Renewable Energies (NCRE), to implement this policy Another project will be developed. But, given the public health emergency of resolving air quality, we present this proposal as part of our conglomerate of CO2 Emissions Reduction and Absorption Projects.

Green Metro Stations Project that Absorb CO2, Emit Oxygen, Generate and Use Renewable Energies and Integrate Nature into Cities

The general goal of this project is to absorb and reduce CO2 emissions from transport, through the subway stations that run through the cities, integrating microalgae photobioreactors that treat wastewater in the process of absorbing CO2 and emitting oxygen, installing lighting in interiors and exteriors with microalgae lamps, which also perform these functions, the installation of microalgae solar panels and landscaping that integrates trees that contribute to the absorption of CO2 and wild flowers for the conservation of butterflies and bees, this system will supply enough water for irrigation, the use of fountains and nebulizers to improve thermal comfort indoors and outdoors.

The microalgae will be used to operate recharging stations for electric cars with biofuels or bioelectricity. The metro stations will be free of viruses and bad odors through industrial ozonators, microalgae lamps and nebulizers.

If you are interested in any of these projects, fill out and send us the following form!

Save the Oceans Project

We promote effective climate action to free the oceans from pollution, high temperatures and acidification, with our active Save the Oceans campaign, which in summary consists of 5 simultaneous projects for each area close to the plastic continents, to be carried out in 7 stages. You can help to carry out a project based on your location near the plastic continents, or plan for your country, since, in the process of cleaning the ocean in question, various renewable energies will be generated, which in addition to helping to the oceans will contribute to the sustainability of coastal and maritime activities.

We invite you to watch the following video and see more information on our active Save The Oceans campaign

Salva los Océanos

If you are interested in any of these projects, fill out and send us the following form!

For more information about the solutions proposed in these projects you can access our free online course Systems for Purifying the Air and Water of Cities, the Atmosphere and the Oceans, it is free thanks in part to the National Geographic Society, which awarded a prize to our instructor and president Patricia Rincón for the quality and innovation of our courses.


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