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Save the Oceans

Education and advice as intermediaries of open innovation , for the development and use of our innovative proposals for Systems to Absorb Excess CO2 from the Atmosphere and the Oceans and Cleaning the Continents of Plastic, with the aim of saving the oceans and the marine life from three factors: high temperatures, high levels of acidification due to high concentrations of CO2 and accumulated waste in the oceans. This work is essential to solve climate change, according to the IPCC we must reduce emissions and absorb a trillion tons of excess CO2, this project helps to solve this need in conjunction with our methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and absorb excess of CO2 from the cities, from our Sustainable Cities Project .

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Projects for the Cleaning of Plastic Continents and the Installation of CO2 Absorption Systems from the Atmosphere and the Oceans 


We provide advisory services to carry out our proposal for 5 simultaneous projects, in the areas surrounding the plastic continents, for their cleaning and the installation of systems for absorbing excess CO2 from the atmosphere and the oceans, in 7 stages, a self-sustaining way, through the generation of renewable energy, recycling of waste collected from the oceans as an economic activity, reforestation and construction of barriers and mangrove islands, encouraging the generation of jobs and social economic development, with gender equity . Acting as open innovation intermediaries , we guide you how to execute our proposal and how to develop the necessary innovations, coordinating governmental and non-governmental efforts, for the integration of all countries and all sectors of society for its realization.

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We Guide You How to Save the Oceans

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We teach through online courses and free textbooks available on our website. Click on the image to start learning how to save the oceans

Online Courses

Our Course #3

Systems to Purify Air and Water in Cities, the Atmosphere and the Oceans

It teaches you how to clean the continents of plastic and install systems to absorb excess CO2 from the atmosphere and oceans, while generating renewable energy and sustainable development in coastal areas.

Our Course #4

Geoengineering Techniques to Reduce Typhoons, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Tornadoes

You will learn to build natural mangrove barriers to protect the coasts from tsunamis and hurricanes.  

Text book

Systems to Purify Air and Water in Cities, the Atmosphere and the Oceans

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We invite you to spread

The Save the Oceans Project

Be part of the solution and help us spread the word about this project, which will make it possible to save the oceans and marine life from three factors: high temperatures, acidification due to high concentrations of CO2, and waste accumulated in the plastic continents.

Below we present promotional material for you to share on social networks and via email. (26).png

Illustrative Videos

Name: Save the Oceans Project

Synopsis: brief overview of the oceans project for the general audience.

Running Time: 7:01

Spanish Language

Name: Video para  Green Latin America Awards Contest

Synopsis: brief review of the project, specific questions and answers on how to save the oceans.

Running Time:  8:55

Spanish Language

Name: Systems to Absorb Excess CO2 from the Atmosphere and the Oceans

Synopsis: brief review of systems to begin to solve global warming by absorbing excess CO2 

Running Time:  2:09

Languages: Spanish and English

Share these videos with the hashtag #SaveTheOceans


  If you are interested in supporting this campaign, contact us via email 



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We Guide You How To Apply These Solutions In Your Region

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