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Film and Television

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We consider art as important as science for the achievement of our mission, in fact, if it weren't for the artists, perhaps no one, or only a few, would be aware and taking responsibility in relation to global warming.


That is why our 24 Strategic Plans were written in the book 531 Beauties of the World, an environmental art book that combines art and science to explain how to save the Earth and humanity from these problems.

In our work to disseminate these solutions, we produce video arts, short films, documentaries and series for cinema and television, to raise awareness about climate change and publicize the solutions described in our 24 Strategic Plans. We have several projects and scripts for your production.

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Media and Social Networks



As part of our dissemination campaigns we want to be in contact with the audience through the media, social networks, cinema and television. We accept invitations to interviews through the media to disseminate our activities and get support, contact us to make an appointment:


Support our campaigns on social networks, each one has a purpose that interests you.

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We invite you to visit our YouTube channel, there we are continually publishing our premieres in aesthetic and illustrative videos in Spanish and English.