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Course #1 The First Steps to Solve Climate Change

Video Classes
with Subtitles in all Languages
and Interactive Practices

Introductory Video.
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You will understand climate and climate change, learn about innovations to solve it, and know what to do to help solve it.


From April 22, 2020, Earth Day, this free course is available, as a gift for our planet, aimed at all audiences, especially young people and adults interested in helping to solve global warming, in which you will obtain knowledge, responsibility and know how to prepare strategic plans with effective climate actions for your home, region, country and continent. In a simple way, in nine (9) classes illustrated by interesting videos, you will be entertained, motivated and in one hour you will become an expert on this important topic, on which the future of humanity depends, you will have the authority to propose and carry out activities that will make a big difference in the history of our planet.

Be part of those who, in addition to wanting  

make a better world, they know how to do it and they do it!

Los  Primeros Pasos para Resolver el Cambio Climático

Course taught through video classes

Section 1 Climate and Climate Change

You will understand the climate and climate change, you will know the factors that
influence to do something about it.

Class 1 Introduction
Class 2 What is Climate?
Class 3 What is the difference between Weather and Climate?
Class 4 What is Climate Change?
Class 5 Climate Factors
Class 6 Understand and Love the Weather

Section 2 Solutions to Climate Change

They will know the goals of the plan to start solving climate change
and strategic planning to achieve them. You will take responsibility and
you will act to solve it.

Class 7 Coexist with the Climate through Plan I
Class 8 Strategic Planning
Class 9 Conclusions and Next Steps to Solve Climate Change.



Patricia Rincón, specialist in data evaluation and strategic planning, advanced study and education techniques, awarded by the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, for the quality of the courses produced for the NGO Arca Tierra and its innovative proposals for the solution of climate change, disaster mitigation natural resources and expansion of humanity with quality of life through sustainable development.

National Geographic Society Patricia Rincón

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Free Digital Magazine
Available in Spanish and English
The First Steps to Solving Climate Change

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Learn in an entertaining illustrated magazine with interesting links the tools and methods to solve climate change in a few pages.

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PLAN 1 THE CLIMATE (Spanish Language)

It teaches us the first steps to solve climate change, by describing the technology to predict the weather, reduce cyclones and tornadoes, purify the atmosphere and the oceans, as well as the effective organization model to be used in the conservation of the natural resources, the solution to climate change and surviving natural disasters, the necessary legislation for its operation that guarantees breathable air, a prosperous economy and sustainable development with equal rights.

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