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Who We Are?

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Awarded as an Educator by the National Geographic Society

Patricia Rincón


TThe quality of education was awarded by the National Geographic Society, so that through a small grant it can cover part of the expenses of its work in 2021, of offering free online courses, textbooks and magazines.

Now We Need Your Support to Continue Offering
Open Education in English and Spanish Languages

Our History

The organization was founded by its president Patricia Rincón, a specialist in data evaluation and strategic planning, between 2011 and 2015 she wrote the environmental art book (science and art) called 531 Beauties of the World, II and III Edition, an evaluation of the problems of climate change, natural disasters and population growth, concluded that the survival of the Earth and humanity would be resolved with 24 Strategic Plans, which lead to the development of technological, administrative and management policy innovations, to achieve a solution to global warming, mitigation of natural disasters and ensure demographic growth, with sustainable development and equal rights.


Upon publishing the book, he donated it to different institutions and received praise for it, even The History Channel asked him for a documentary film based on the topics of the book, but he realized that the work of disseminating these solutions and carrying them out deserved the creation of an organization committed to it, for which, through science and art, he disseminated them and captured the attention of professionals in different fields and artists of different expressions to give birth to the NGO Arca Tierra in 2016 in Venezuela. It was legally registered in 2020 in Santiago de Chile.

It was legally registered four years after its formation because we consider democracy essential for the viability of the strategic plans, for which several of its founders waited and peacefully demonstrated to recover democracy in Venezuela, to activate the 24 Plans, but Seeing that repression and extermination threatened their lives and in order to fulfill the purposes of the NGO, they migrated, because their country is kidnapped by narco-terrorists, who formed a genocidal criminal state, and only justice can stop them.


When they managed to arrive in a democratic nation, in Chile, they carried out the procedures for their registration and activated the first plan, Plan 1 The Weather, through online education and consultancy  guide how to achieve the goals of this plan, which in summary consists of developing technological innovations and administrative management, to lay the foundations of a civilization capable of resolving global warming, mitigating natural disasters and the expansion of humanity with sustainable development and in equal rights.

Since 2021, it has given free courses in English and Spanish, which captured the attention of the beneficiary public in the United Kingdom, to make a dissemination office possible in England in 2022.

If you want to know all our activities, from the formation of the NGO to the present, look at the annual activities section.

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Meet the Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of the President, Treasurer and Secretary, who hold different positions to carry out the activities of the organization in Chile, the United Kingdom and internationally.

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Patricia Rincon

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President, Data Evaluation and Planning Specialist

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Griselda Méndez

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Treasurer, Economist


Tamara Greaves

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Secretary, Public Relations Specialist

Foto de Claudia Oitavén.jpeg

Claudia Oitavén

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Responsible for Public Relations in UK

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