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Project description

Save the Oceans

What is the Purpose of the Project?

Its purpose is to save the oceans and marine life from three factors: high temperatures, high levels of acidification due to high concentrations of CO2, and accumulated waste in the oceans.

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This work is essential to solve global warming, according to the IPCC we must reduce emissions and absorb a trillion tons of excess CO2, this project helps to solve this need in conjunction with our methods to reduce emissions and absorb excess CO2 from the cities, which we explain in our Sustainable Cities Project

How will the NGO Arca Tierra Promote

the Realization of This Project?

You will educate through your online course Systems to Purify Air and Water from Cities, the Atmosphere and the Oceans . and will advise as an open innovation intermediary for the realization of these 5 simultaneous projects.

We need support in dissemination and financing, to expand our offices on all continents, to carry out this work. (26).png (26).png

How will the purpose be achieved?

The development of these systems can be carried out in 5 simultaneous projects, one for each geographical area bordering the plastic continents, through a schedule of 7-stage activities, which consist of:

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Projects for the Cleaning of Plastic Continents and the Installation of CO2 Absorption Systems from the Atmosphere and the Oceans

5 teams will be formed for each plastic continent, integrating and coordinating all the countries of the world and all sectors of society. The 5 projects will be worked on simultaneously, goals will be set and the 5 teams will support each other.

Equipos del Proyecto.jpg (26).png

What are its Benefits and Why is it a Sustainable Development Project?


Technological innovation and natural resources will allow us to develop CO2 absorption systems to solve global warming, which in turn will generate renewable energy for the electricity supply. The recycling of waste as an economic activity, the planting of mangroves and the integration of coastal communities to carry out project activities and their maintenance, will produce economic, social and environmental development. In these activities, they will be hired with gender equality, in areas where there is marked discrimination, women will be hired mainly, according to the percentage of inequity. For example, if there is 70% of hiring of men and 30% of women, 30% of men and 70% of women would be hired, to balance the balance towards equity. These hiring rates will also apply to issues of discrimination based on race, creed, or sexual orientation. In this way, the 5 simultaneous projects will be of sustainable development with equal rights.

Why is the Realization of this Project and its Wide Diffusion Important?

If this project is carried out, we would save the oceans and marine life, they would no longer become extinct, because we would absorb excess CO2 in large quantities with CO2 absorption systems and generation of renewable energies, through natural barriers of mangroves, solar plants of microalgae and geothermal plants in the oceans and coastal areas.

Sistemas de Absorción de CO2.jpg

Together with the excess CO2 absorption systems in our carbon neutral and sustainable city models , we would be on the way to solving global warming.

Absorción de CO2 en Ciudades Sostenibles

Through the execution of the projects and their generated economic activities, the economic and social development of the coastal areas will be promoted and the mangrove barriers will protect them from floods, tsunamis and hurricanes.

acciones sustentables.jpg
barreras de manglares 2.jpg

We would have renewable energy sources for maritime transport, coastal areas and marine cities. This is extremely important because at present the countries have seen their territories reduced or are even disappearing from the map due to the increase in sea levels. Kiribati will possibly be the first country to disappear due to climate change and it is predicted that by 2050, 300 million people will be homeless due to rising seas, according to nature magazine.

ciudades marinas.jpg
Modelo de Ciudad Submarina de Japón (26).png

We invite you to spread

The Save the Oceans Project

Be part of the solution and help us spread the word about this project, which will make possible the salvation of the oceans and marine life (26).png

Spread with the hashtag # SalvaLosOcéanos


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