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Climate Art

We carry out campaigns that mix art and science, defining this artistic form as environmental art, to encourage respect and protection of the Earth, we represent nature as a woman to love and respect, in these campaigns we promote respect for diversity , to human rights without discrimination and we advocate especially for gender equality and the equal rights of LGBTIQ+ people, since women and LGBTQ+ people are not treated as human, just because they are who they are, since their rights are restricted, they are even imprisoned, harmed and even killed with impunity.


The NGO Arca Tierra was born from art, from the book 531 Beauties of the World and continues to come to life through art, so that solutions travel with its aesthetic waves around the world and empower people with knowledge and responsibility for the planet to resolve the challenge of climate change, while improving their quality of life with sustainable development, in democracies and the consolidation of human and environmental rights, with equal opportunities to exercise them.

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Material Didáctico de la ONG Arca Tierra



Our mission is fulfilled with the execution of 24 Strategic Plans , based on a book of environmental art, paintings, poetry, video art and science, called 531 Beauties of the World by our president and founder Patricia Rincón.


The book raised worldwide interest in its three editions,  The author received various interviews and offers for her publication from different Latin American countries and was added to the network of writers in Spain for her literary career. The television station The History Channel urged her to produce a documentary based on the book, the audiovisual works of the book were  Exhibited around the world, in the Constrast Barcelona Spain gallery, many of them were selected by the prestigious Bang Festival video arts festival, in film festivals in America and Europe, exhibiting them in more than 300 countries, the paintings from the book were exhibited on the Imartgine online gallery platforms in English, Spanish and French.  

At the end of 2018 we undertook the world tour project of the Environmental Art Festival 531 Beauties of the World, to spread the book widely, we brought together hundreds of women artists and  galleries around the globe interested in the project.

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If you wish to support the translation and publication of this book in English or other languages, contact us at

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The NGO Arca Tierra migrated from Venezuela because the state is being held hostage by narco-terrorist criminals supported by the Russian army led by Vladimir Putin and international narco-terrorists. Since 2019 the NGO has been operating in Chile, legally constituted since 2020, in a country with democracy, one of the essential requirements for the viability of our 24 Strategic Plans ,  we activated the first plan with the publication of the environmental art book Plan 1 El Clima and we began to impart open education remotely, so that during the pandemic people had access to these solutions for free we published online courses based on the book, the which were awarded by the National Geographic Society, for the quality of education and innovative proposals to solve climate change, mitigation of natural disasters and the expansion of humanity with quality of human life through sustainable development and equal rights, with citizen responsibility in participatory democracies, for the consolidation of human and environmental rights.

In 2022, a film producer from Los Angeles, California, United States, became interested in the NGO's proposals given in its Series Against Climate Change, based on this book to produce a television documentary series to publicize solutions to climate change. global warming in different geographical areas with sustainable development. 


Posters Gigantes Varios.jpg
Posters Gigantes Varios.jpg

Environmental Art Festival

531 Beauties of the World


It is an event of art and science, to spread the solutions of the 24 Strategic Plans of the book 531 Beauties of the world, on which the mission of the NGO Arca Tierra is based.


The protagonists of this event are the women artists who will represent 24 elements of nature, through different forms of art, such as,  literature,  visual, audiovisual, modern dance, contemporary circus and cinema.

Posters Gigantes Varios.jpg

We will make a world tour in democratic nations where we are invited, to encourage the population to take responsibility and action for climate change, educate and motivate democratic values, respect for diversity and human rights without discrimination, mainly of LGBTQ + and of women, for being the people with fewer rights today.  

We have the support of curators, artists, art galleries, cultural, environmental and human rights foundations, contemporary circus associations, among others, around the world, we only hope that they will support us in financing this festival.  


If you are interested in supporting this project, contact us

See more information on the Festival Blog

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Climate Art Festival


This festival teaches through climate art the solutions of our Climate Plan 1, through different forms of art: 
-“La Tierra es Mujer” Visual and audiovisual art exhibition, which allows the integration of 15 refugee women artists and those from the country where the festival is held, for cultural exchange and awareness of the importance of gender equality and respect to the diversity of humanity.
- An audiovisual installation SKY that demonstrates how the weather works and connects the viewer with the factors of the weather, for their understanding and in turn teaches the naturalness of love between people of the same gender, since the elements of the weather are represented by two women who they love each other.
- Cultural Workshops: educate the audience on how to take the first steps to solve climate change and take effective climate action with knowledge and responsibility.
- Vertical Dance "Moon and Sun" that generates a great impact on the building's facade to attract the public to enter the event.

This event has the participation of Melkart Gallery from France, Imartgine, choreographer María Cavagnero from Spain, Cafelule from Italy and the NGO Arca Tierra from Chile.

If you want to support the realization of this festival write to us at


Art Exhibition The Climate.png

Online Exhibition:

The Climate


The NGO Arca Tierra invites you to admire the Art Exhibition El Clima in video art, by the artist Patricia Rincón, in which, through a love story between the moon and the sun, the behavior of the climate is explained, the interaction of the factors of the climate, to produce climatic events, makes visible the invisible of the climate through watercolors and videos of the electromagnetic spectrum of the planet, of the winds, northern lights...  


This exhibition will be part of the El Clima Art Festival, which we organize together with Melkart Gallery from France, Imartgine, choreographer María Caravagnero from Spain, Cafelule from Italy and the NGO Arca Tierra from Chile.


Enjoy This Exhibition of Art and  Spread it!


NOTE: Place subtitles in your language, click on video settings, select your language in subtitles and the subtitles will appear automatically, so you can better appreciate the exhibition.



By buying art you will help the NGO Arca Tierra


The artist Patricia Rincón, poet, writer, visual and audiovisual artist, has won recognition for her poetry and stories,  REMES The Network of Writers of Spain included her in its directory for her literary work,  his paintings have been exhibited at Imartgine Gallery, on its platforms in English, French and Spanish, his video art has been exhibited in more than 300 countries, selected by the prestigious video art festival Bang Festival, the Contrast gallery in Barcelona Spain and He has won awards at film festivals in Latin America, donates a certain number of copies of digital art and some of his original works to the NGO Arca Tierra.

Climate Collection

Limited edition, each image is sold printed on A4 size glossy photo paper autographed by the artist, for a price of 135 usd each,  when you make the payment through the reliable platform of Wester Union online or from one of the offices, you will be given an electronic ticket and we will send you the photographs within 3 business days, the shipping costs are borne by the buyer and the delivery times of the shipping companies is beyond our responsibility.

If you want the original works, write to us at to consult the price.


Copia de Copia de Arte, Ciencia y DDHH s

Take Effective Climate Action!

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Support our active campaigns, integrate  to the solution of global warming, to create a sustainable development and to consolidate your rights.

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