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Leyes para un Desarrollo Sostenible
Ley Sistema de Puntos
Ley de la Calidad del Aire
Ley de Transición
Pacto Mundial de Protección del Medio Ambiente
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Management Policies
for sustainable development

The NGO Arca Tierra promotes management policies to achieve respect for human and environmental rights without discrimination, by strengthening democracies so that the realization of its 24 Strategic Plans  is viable and evolution is possible of humanity towards sustainable development, in high standards of quality of life.


We are currently promoting Plan 1 Climate management policies , aimed at guaranteeing human and environmental rights, effectively reducing CO2 emissions through a system of rewards and sanctions that promote a sustainable economy, the transition from oil as the main source of energy towards renewable energies and the substitution of their derivatives; an international treaty to stop the destruction of ecosystems and agree on natural resources to be conserved permanently in order to guarantee the breathing of future generations, until at least 2050. These laws are explained in our Evolution textbook, which is available for free in our bookstore in Spanish and English, and how to develop them is taught in our course # .

Didactic materials

In order to educate for the consolidation of democracies, human and environmental rights, the NGO Arca Tierra has produced different free educational materials, we invite you to read them and distribute them, so that  Let's make the evolution of humanity towards increasingly better standards of life with a sustainable development and economy a reality.

Materiales Didácticos

En función de educar para la consolidación de las democracias, derechos humanos y ambientales, la ONG Arca Tierra ha producido distintos materiales didácticos gratuitos, les invitamos a leerlos y a difundirlos, para que  hagamos realidad la evolución de la humanidad hacia cada vez mejores estándares de vida con un desarrollo y economía sostenibles.

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Campaigns  to Stop the Serious Displacement Crisis due to Violence Caused by Impunity for Crimes Against Humanity

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Campaigns  to Give Refuge to Those Displaced by Violence and for the Energy Autonomy of Nations and the Instability of an Oil Economy Cessation

Menu Politicas de Gestión

Menu of Management Policies for Sustainable Development

Copia de Cascada Zoom Video Fondo Virtual (1).png

Point System for Survival
of humanity and the planet

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Air quality 

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Transition from Hydrocarbons to Energies
and Sustainable Products

Copia de Copia de Copia de Ley Calidad del Aire.gif

Recovery and Conservation of Key Natural Resources to Solve Climate Change

Sistema de Puntos ONU

Point System for Survival
of humanity and the planet

Pilares Blancos

Management Policy to Promote the Consolidation of

Human rights  and Environmental

Pilares Blancos

It is a scale that assigns points to each member nation of the United Nations, with respect to the respect or transgression of the bases of democracy, human and environmental rights, as well as compliance with key treaties for the survival of humanity and the planet, such as the Paris Treaty, the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, the Fight against Drug Trafficking, Corruption and Terrorism, among others.


The transgression of the key factors of the survival of humanity and the planet subtract points and their respect adds points, as the nation consolidates them, it will add and add points. Depending on your position on the scale, you will have sanctions or privileges.

Pilares Blancos
Copia de Cascada Zoom Video Fondo Virtual (1).png
Pilares Blancos

For example, if the nation does not have democracy, it will be below zero, therefore, it will not be able to vote in any United Nations forum or belong to the Security Council or the Human Rights Council, since by not respecting democracy, it means that he does not believe in free and transparent elections, which is why he curtails this right in his country, where its citizens have low levels of security and rights; On the other hand, the democratic nations will have the right to vote and to belong to the aforementioned councils, the weight of their votes will be in proportion to the respect of rights and treaties, that is, of the sum of their points, this will encourage the nations and as a consequence humanity continuously evolves towards ever better living conditions, in a healthy competition towards the consolidation of human rights.

Pilares Blancos

Why is it necessary to use this point system?

The United Nations was created after the Nazi holocaust against the Jews, to prevent crimes against humanity and enforce the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is why this scale must be used by the UN, to fulfill its purpose. This points system will prevent the chances of humanity and the planet succumbing from being reduced and will promote their survival, to guarantee that criminal states that support narco-terrorism and that directly attack democratic nations are not established or remain unpunished, such as the genocidal invasion in Ukraine o  surreptitiously as in America, by the conglomerate of franchises of criminal narco-terrorist mafia states promoted by Vladimir Putin in the region.


In this system of sanctions and rewards, it contemplates that the United Nations, immediately apply firm justice to state terrorism, support for drug terrorism, terrorism in all its forms and aggressions against sovereign nations, act according to the Rome Statute to stop or prevent genocides, so that justice goes from being a historian of counting corpses, towards a timely justice that prevents or stops exterminations.


If we look at the sad case of the genocide in Ukraine, this could have been avoided if there were not so much impunity for the systematic commission of crimes against humanity by Vladimir Putin. ( See article )

Pilares Blancos

Holocausto contra Judíos 19441 -1945

Copia de Copia de Ley Escala de Gradiente  (Presentación (169)) (1).png
Copia de Copia de Ley Escala de Gradiente  (Presentación (169)) (2).png

Holocaust against Ukrainians, they have found hundreds of bodies shot, some cremated. UN after 44 days of Russian invasion, estimates more than 1,626 Ukrainian civilians killed, even without considering many regions of Ukraine, so the figure is higher, because there are more than 15,000 missing. 

Sobreviviente al holocausto asesinada en Ucrania por bombardeo contra civiles ordenado por
Judío ondea bandera de Ucrania desafiando a Putin.png

Jew waves Ukrainian flag in defiance of Putin after bombing.

Boris Romanchenko survived detention in four concentration camps between 1942 and 1945. And was assassinated by Putin-ordered bombing of her residential block.

Pilares Blancos

See Episode Invasions, Genocides and Ecocides 

From Our Red Alert Earth Series 

Pilares Blancos

It is estimated that Stanlin murdered more than 3.9 million Ukrainians with hunger, a genocide whose objective was the political and cultural annihilation of the Ukrainian nation. A number of Ukrainians were transferred to Russia for indoctrination and to serve in the camps. According to Anne Applebaum, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2004 for her monumental Gulag. History of the Soviet concentration camps, considers that Putin sees Ukraine as a threat, he does not want the Russians to want as many freedoms as the Ukrainians have. It is correct to consider that this is the cause of so much cruelty against Ukraine in the style of Stanlin's genocide, now Putin, in addition to mass murdering Ukrainians and destroying historical and cultural heritage, kidnaps Ukrainians, especially children, Lyudmyla Denisova, Ombudsman Ukrainian, said 402,000 people, including 84,000 children, had been forcibly taken to Russia.

Copia de Copia de Ley Escala de Gradiente  (Presentación (169)).png

A 6-year-old boy carries canned food to the grave of his starving mother in Bucha. artist Aluona Zhuk illustrated the scene. "This image will never leave my mind. So I want the world to see it too. And start calling things by their name. It is genocide against Ukraine. April 8, 2022.

The holodomor is another way of committing genocide with hunger that must be prevented, which is sadly evidenced in Venezuela and Ukraine where Russian troops have invaded or interfered, it is seen how they prevent humanitarian assistance, burn aid, steal it or hinder , before the cameras we saw how in 2019 in Venezuela, armed gangs of the regime set fire to tons of humanitarian assistance, these criminal acts are committed daily by the Venezuelan regime for the annihilation and domination of the population, to keep them busy looking for basic services and supplies to survive or force them with hunger, repression and violence from narcoterrorism to move en masse to other nations to destabilize them, in a few years more than 6 million Venezuelans have migrated.

Genocidio en Venezuela.jpg