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Act Now!

Effective Human and Environmental Rights Activism 

Take action for the human rights and climate action needed NOW by supporting our active campaigns

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Human Rights Activism

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Climate Action

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Ways to Participate

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Activism for Human Rights!

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Help Stop Genocide in Ukraine!

Learn about and help spread solutions to stop genocide in Ukraine and provide protection to Ukrainians, until it stops and write with #GenocideInUkraine on your social networks, giving a voice to the victims.


The conglomerate of terrorist states of Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Belarus and Chechnya, support Hamas terrorism, want to legitimize terrorism and anti-Semitism. Demand Justice against terrorist groups and terrorist states!

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Justice for Latin America

Demand justice against state terrorism, holodomor, silent genocide and support for international terrorism committed by Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia, led by Russia.

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Fix the UN!

Support points system to help humanity evolve towards timely justice for crimes against humanity and towards the consolidation of human rights

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Campaign for Gender Equality

We have a proposal to achieve gender equity. Get to know it and support its dissemination on social networks and legislative visits.

Humanitarian Assistance

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Sustainable Shelters

Models of Sustainable Shelters for the benefit of refugees and the sustainable development of the receiving localities.

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Eradication of Hunger and Poverty

We show you the serious food and poverty catastrophe that is predicted for 2023 and how they are solved 

Tree housing building

Tree Housing Project

Solutions to the global crisis of housing deficit and poverty. Currently there is a global housing crisis; according to the UN, more than 100 million people in the world are homeless, a figure that increases due to natural disasters that leave more than 14 million people homeless each year. By virtue of facing this situation, we designed a sustainable smart building to solve this problem with social and economic integration.


Green Gray Mountain

Solutions to stop and reverse desertification in the Hunger Belt, the Sahel, in Africa. In order to stop the advance of the Sahara and hunger in the Sahel, we designed the Green Gray Mountain project, which will serve as an orographic barrier to facilitate the reforestation projects of the Great Green Wall, will provide goods and services, to solve poverty, production of biofertilizers, means of job training, employment and sustainable food production...

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Climate Action!

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We teach and advise you to make your city sustainable, with quality of life and integration of nature.


Save the Oceans!

Disseminate and support the exact actions in a schedule of activities, in 5 simultaneous projects, to rescue the oceans from pollution.

Save the Oceans!

Innovation Teams

Take action to mitigate the effects of climate change and natural geological disasters, download the free magazine and start promoting and/or developing innovations.

Make Your City Sustainable!

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Ways to Participate

Campaign to Create Action Heroes and not Fiction

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Earth´s Heroes is a campaign to empower people with knowledge and action to save the planet from climate change, crimes against humanity and inequalities.

Participate because YOU can be the hero the planet needs!

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Find out and get involved!

We keep you informed of our activities so that you can participate in the solution to global warming and the consolidation of human rights.

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Get Active, Form Your Team of Heroes!

Find out how you can get active to help your region be part of the solution and lead it towards sustainable development.

Mira Series de T.V. Entretenidas y Educativas para Tomar Acción por un Mundo Mejor

Get involved in making a free and just world, where human rights are respected without discrimination, in participatory democracies, where citizens assume the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, as benefits and duties to be exercised for its continuous consolidation.


Take effective climate action, based on an evaluation of the planet and the failures in population growth without proper urban planning, which does not respect the environment and makes economic and social development unsustainable. and based on a strategic planning that provides correct solutions.

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Urgent Actions!

Red Alert Earth

TV series on our YouTube Channel that reveals the causes and solutions to the most critical problems facing the planet and humanity. 

Support its Diffusion!

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Climate Art

Visit and support the dissemination of the online environmental art exhibition The Climate in video art, the campaign for equal rights for LGBTIQ+ people and create awareness for the solution to climate change.

Films and T.V. Projects

We have various projects for film and television, if you want to help with their production and financing, write to us at

We invite you to meet them!

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Help us to continue with our activities

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